ITSEW (International Total Survey Error Workshop)

This is the ITSEW Home Page.

ITSEW is an ongoing series of annual, international workshops on total survey error, modeled on the stand-alone workshop held in Washington, DC in March, 2005.

The purpose of ITSEW is to enable researchers interested in total survey error to meet on a regular basis, in order to:

  • Review progress on important problems
  • Define pressing current problems in detail, and articulate a research agenda to address them
  • Form research collaborations to carry out needed research
  • Identify emerging research needs at an early stage.

ITSEW deliberately emphasizes current and future research gaps and needs. It is not meant as an alternative to existing
venues for presenting the results of completed research.

ITSEW also explicitly seeks to attract problem owners (for example, from official statistics agencies) as well as researchers

ITSEW is held annually, in summer (June or July), starting in 2008. To meet the ITSEW goal of emphasizing unsolved problems, research needs and researcher-practitioner interactions, no more than 80 participants are planned. The duration will be from one and one-half to two and one-half days.

ITSEW is overseen by a management committee, consisting initially of Roeland Beerten (Office of National Statistics, UK), Paul Biemer (RTI International), Lilli Japec (Statistics Sweden), Alan Karr (NISS), Mary Mulry (US Census Bureau), Jerome Reiter (Duke University) and Clyde Tucker (BLS). Each year's ITSEW has its own organizing committee tied to the location, and an identified focus that reflects current research needs and the interests of the organizing committee. Locations will vary, and are not constrained to the US.

March 2005 Total Survey Error Workshop , in Washington, DC

ITSEW 2008 , in Research Triangle Park, NC

ITSEW 2009 , in Tällberg, Sweden (presentations)

ITSEW 2010 , in Stowe, VT

ITSEW 2011, in Ste-Foy, Québec, Canada

ITSEW 2012, in Sanpoort, Netherlands

ITSEW 2013, in Ames, IA

ITSEW 2014 in Washington, DC