Affiliate Award Fund (AAF) for NISS Affiliates

Effective July 1, 2013, the Affiliate Award Fund (AAF) replaced the Affiliate Reimbursement Account (ARA).  The portion of the Affiliates membership fee that is added to the new Affiliate Award Fund remains the same: $2,500 per year (of the $10,000 fee) for NISS Industry Affiliates and $1,500 per year (of the $3,000 fee) for NISS Academic Affiliates.

The deposit (from the Affiliate fee) in one membership year will continue to be available through the subsequent membership year and then will expire.  All balances will expire automatically upon non-renewal by an Affiliate.

Affiliate Award Funds can be used to support travel by Affiliate researchers (at any level, at the discretion of the Affiliate Liaison) to NISS and NISS-sponsored meetings. Travel awards from an Affiliate's Award Fund are administered by NISS upon request from the Affiliate Liaison and can cover travel expenses plus registration fees for eligible conferences and events. Eligible meetings include NISS conferences, workshops and events plus NISS co-sponsored conferences and workshops. Click here to see restrictions for use of these funds.

Affiliate Award Funds can be used upon request by the Affiliate Liaison to support NISS or SAMSI co-sponsored meetings hosted by the Affiliate, up to $1,000 per meeting or conference.

Affiliate Liaisons can check the balance of their Award Fund by sending an e-mail to

NISS Affiliates Reimbursement Information and Expense Form

Please download the Travel Expense Form and submit with your original receipts when you claim eligible travel expenses. Click to download Travel Reimbursement Policy and Instructions