High Impact Projects in AI, Statistical Modeling and Statistical and Quantitative Methodology

The National Institute of Statistical Sciences (NISS) seeks to make at least two and up to four appointments of (postdoctoral) Research Associates for high-impact projects. 

Position #1

Research Associate to work with team to develop and implement high-dimensional methodology and AI models.  This project will integrate different data types from multiple sources including imaging /remote sensing, experiments and/or surveys and administrative data, to optimize estimation and uncertainty quantification.  

Position #2

Research Associate to work with Senior Mentor to develop and implement quantitative methodology for education statistics and social science research projects.  Technical skills required include either: advanced quantitative methods and/or psychometrics or advanced statistical modeling for high dimensional data. Research Associate will also create templates and exemplars and will publish results in refereed journal(s).

Position(s) #3 (& #4)

Research Associate(s) to work on development and implementation of innovative modeling methodology, in particular methods for high-dimensional data for integrated data types  or to address questions of process description (e.g., for time-stamped data), or methods for integration of non-probability surveys and/or administrative data with complex sample surveys. Research Associates will also create templates and exemplars for analyzing and reporting these analyses.


Preferred Areas (All Positions): Data Science, Bayesian Inference, Statistical Modeling, Survey Sampling, Spatial/Spatio-temporal Modeling, Statistical Computation, and/or High-dimensional Data Analysis.

Areas of Emphasis and Additional Expertise:

Position #1:  AI, Foundations of Data Science, Image Analysis, Space-time Modeling, and/or High-dimensional Data Analysis.

Position #2:  Psychometrics, Quantitative Methodology, GIS Analytics, Statistical Graphics, and/or Longitudinal Models.

Position #3 (&#4): Small Area Statistics, Complex Survey Design, Non-probability Samples, High Dimensional Data, and/or Spatial Statistics.

Computing Skills: SAS, R; Other proficiencies depending on specific project (Python, Spark, SQL, Graphics, etc.).


Education: Doctorate in statistics or related discipline expected or completed within the last 5 years.

Experience or Interest: Application of Statistical Methods to Research in Science, Social Science, Education, with application to Survey Data, Non-probability Samples and Administrative Data, Official Statistics, GIS Analysis, IRT methods, Data Exploration or other area of application.

Research: Demonstrated ability with professional publications and/or presentations.

Other Requirements: Commitment to collaborative research, excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Citizenship:  US Citizenship not required but non-US Citizens must have available OPT or hold/be eligible to apply for H1-B visa (for employment with non-profit 501©3 organization). NISS values diversity and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Location: Washington, DC.

Salary: Dependent upon qualifications and experience. $85,000 or more per year.

Dates: Appointment starting any time after 15 January 2020; application pool open until positions are filled.

Expectations: Active participation in research with publications in top statistical and domain science journals, also presentations at national professional conferences.


Submit via email to positions@niss.org the following:

Letter of Interest: Full contact information, year graduated, concise response to research emphases above.

CV: Educational background (including relevant coursework), research experience, publications.

References: Contact information for three references (no letters please).


National Institute of Statistical Sciences is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer