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This is a continuation of the digital government project that NISS worked on for the National Science Foundation regarding data confidentiality on the Internet, using techniques such as data swapping, and disclosure limitation methods to ensure a person or an organization's confidentiality was secure.

Case Study


With environmental statistics becoming more visible in the news, it has become more politicized, which makes it harder for the public to both understand and interpret all the different results that are being published. NISS provided a multi-disciplinary team that would act as a non-biased, third party analyzing the data to help the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with its complex datasets and models.

John Aston standing outside of the NISS building
Some of you may remember former NISS postdoc John Aston. He was a postdoc for NISS during 2002-04, and was based at Census Bureau headquarters in Suitland, MD. John studied at Cambridge University for his undergraduate degree in mathematics, then spent half his time at Imperial College of London... more
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By Raymond P. Bain, PhD Clinical Trial Design A clinical research design “toolbox” consists of both observational and interventional designs.  A clinical trial is a prospective study comparing the effect of one or more interventions against a control intervention on a pre-specified outcome in human... more
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The following was written by David Banks, Professor of Statistics at Duke University and member of the NISS Board of Trustees. Survey science is a lot like global warming. We all realize that we are watching a slow-motion disaster, but very little is being done to manage the consequences. The... more
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University of Georgia, Department of Statistics
The Department of Statistics at the University of Georgia emerged as a separate department in 1984 after a split of the...
Merck Research Laboratories
Merck has a long history of discovering and developing medicines and vaccines that help to improve or save lives. They pursue...
The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) collects, analyzes, and disseminates independent and impartial energy...