NISS Graduate Student Network

The National Institute of Statistical Sciences (NISS) is a national organization that works on issues related to information and quantitative analysis. The goal of the NISS Graduate Student Network (GSN) is to create  connections among graduate students from different academic institutions within the NISS Affiliates Program.

Under this network, activities are organized to help students tackle challenges of graduate programs and help with their future careers. Students can share their experiences regarding their programs or an internship they did, and webinars and workshops can be organized around topic(s) of interest to them. In addition, we hope that this network will be
beneficial throughout the student's career even after they graduate from their programs.

Join us by joining and participating in the NISS Graduate Student Network!  In this network you will be able to attend events specifically geared towards graduate students that are studying statistics/biostatistics. You will be able to network with other students who will have similar experiences as you through social events, the discussion board, alumni meetings, workshops, and more!  There are plenty of opportunities open to you to actively participate in the GSN, for instance helping organize activities or being an activity leader! 

You can use the link below to find out more or to join the NISS GSN. Please the contact us at with any questions.


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Participating Universities: 

Arizona State University  ♦  Auburn University  ♦  Bentley University  ♦  Cornell University  ♦  Duke University  ♦  Emory University  ♦  Florida State University  ♦  George Mason University  ♦  Iowa State University  ♦  Ohio State University  ♦  Pennsylvania State University  ♦  Rice University  ♦  Texas A&M University  ♦  University of California, Los Angeles  ♦  University of California, Riverside  ♦  University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign  ♦  University of Kentucky  ♦  University of Michigan  ♦  University of North Carolina, Greensboro  ♦  University of Pennsylvania  ♦  University of Pittsburgh  ♦  University of South Carolina  ♦  Western Michigan University

Executive Committee:
Rebecca Kurtz-Garcia, UC Riverside
Hannah Waddel, Emory 
Manqi Cai, U Pittsburgh 

Steering Committee:
Piaomu Liu, Bentley (Chair)
Sharmista Guha, Texas A&M University
Kevin Lee, Western Michigan University

Get Involved!  Not sure if your institution is a NISS Affiliate?  Check the listing here:  List of NISS Affiliates.