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With environmental statistics becoming more visible in the news, it has become more politicized, which makes it harder for the public to both understand and interpret all the different results that are being published. NISS provided a multi-disciplinary team that would act as a non-biased, third party analyzing the data to help the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with its complex datasets and models.

Research Project

Integrity, Independence and Innovation:  The Future of NCES report

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) charged this Expert Panel to review NCES progress and changes over the decades since the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) issued its report on NCES, “Creating a center for education statistics: A time for action,” in 1986, and to consider challenges and priorities for the future. The National Institute of Statistical Sciences (NISS) assembled a panel consisting of academic, government, and private-sector experts from the fields of statistics and of education. Panelists were chosen because of their experience as both users and providers of education data, and their understanding of federal statistical operations, purposes, policies, and constraints. The Expert Panel drew on materials assembled from public sources, including federal directives, NCES documentation, presentations by NCES administrators and senior staff, and summaries of interviews NISS conducted with NCES personnel from the level of team leader to Commissioner. 

Nicole Lazar, University of Georgia
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