Event Series

Information about NISS hosted or sponsored events that are set up in a series that support a common purpose or topic.
To review the recordings of all previous events, click on the links below or visit the Meet-Up Recordings page.

NISS Hosted Event Series

NISS/FCSM AI in Federal Government Series

The National Institute of Statistical Sciences (NISS) and the Federal Committee on Statistical
Methodology (FCSM) are collaborating on a series of webinars on Artificial Intelligence (AI).This series aims to benefit federal practitioners and managers by providing behind-the-scenes information on uses of AI in federal agencies and from insights on how agencies meet organizational, managerial, and ethical challenges in harnessing the power of AI. 

COPSS-NISS Leadership Webinar Series

The COPSS-NISS Leadership Webinar Series is co-organized by the Committee of the Presidents of Statistical Societies (COPSS) Emerging Leaders in Statistics and the National Institute of Statistical Sciences (NISS). The purpose of the webinar series is to promote leadership skills for members of the statistical societies at any stage in their careers. The series features conversations with leaders throughout the discipline, including leaders from major academic and government institutions, and companies. Invited speakers share their leadership stories and answer questions about their experiences. Each webinar is moderated by a member of the COPSS Emerging Leaders in Statistics program.

Ingram Olkin Statistics Serving Society Forums

Forums honoring the memory of Professor Ingram Olkin focus on a current societal issue that could benefit from attention from the statistical community.

Ingram Olkin Forum: Statistics on Combatting Human Trafficking: Estimating Prevalence Methods (March 15, 2023)
Ingram Olkin Forum: Advancing Demographic Equity with Privacy Preserving Methodologies: Current Challenges and Potential Future Work (January, 2023)
Ingram Olkin Forum: Use of Police Force (June 4, 2021)
Ingram Olkin Forum Series: COVID and the Schools: Modeling Openings, Closings, and Learning Loss (December 16, 2020)
Ingram Olkin Forum: Algorithmic Fairness and Social Justice (September, 2020)
Ingram Olkin Forum Series: Unplanned Clinical Trial Disruptions (Summer / Fall 2020 continuing into Spring 2022)
Inaugural Ingram Olkin S3 Forum: Gun Violence - The Statistical Issues  (June 2019)

Undergraduate Student Guide for Grad School Virtual Series

Grad School Fair: PhD & MS Programs in Stats, Biostats & Data Science Degrees!
Graduate Student Panel
Alumni Panel

NISS / Merck Meet-Ups    

Topics and issues of interest to biostatisticians, statisticians and epidemiologists related to the pharmaceutical industry.

These meet-ups have taken place three times a year virtually since 2017.

NISS Virtual Career Fairs

NISS Sponsored webinars where experienced statisticians from industry, government and academia talk about and provide advice for individuals interested in pursuing a career as a statistician.

Academic, Industry and Government focuses...

International Total Survey Error Workshop (ITSEW)

The goal of ITSEW is to promote discussion of questions of research, methodology and practice relating to Total Survey Error (TSE) and Total Survey Quality. Workshop sessions are comprised of relatively short presentations and catalyzing discussion by a designated discussant.  Speaker presentations are followed by floor discussion among all participants.

ITSEW began in 2005 and has taken place annually since then. 


Previous NISS Hosted & Co-Sponsored Event Series

Distinguished Theme Seminar Series 2021: Causal Inference
  Purdue University, Department of Statistics

A weekly online seminar during the Fall semester on the topic of causal inference.

Talks included:

August 27, 2021: Introductory Workshop - Associate Professor Arman Sabbaghi, (Department of Statistics, Purdue University)
September 3, 2021: Clutter-Free Causal Inference - Professor Donald B. Rubin, (Temple, Tsinghua, and Harvard Universities)
September 10, 2021: Single World Intervention Graphs (SWIGs): A Unification of the Graphical and Counterfactual Approaches to Causality with Applications - Professor James M. Robins, (Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health)
September 17, 2021:  What is Causal Inference? - A Logical Perspective - Professor Judea Pearl, (Samueli School of Engineering, University of California-Los Angeles)
September 24, 2021:  Statistical Learning: Causal-oriented and Robust - Professor Peter Bühlmann, (Department of Mathematics, ETH Zürich)

Data Science Essentials for Business     

Tutorials that focus on the Top 10 analytics approaches for the key topics that are used in various business sectors.

Registrations options: $35 for single Data Science Essentials tutorial sessions, $250 for all 10 Essential Data Science for Business tutorial sessions.  Can't attend the live session? Post Session Access to tutorial materials and recording can be obtained for $35 after the event is over (click on Post-Session Access link). NISS Affiliates, (https://www.niss.org/affiliates-list), please send an email to officeadmin@niss.org.

Please Note: Each tutorial is presented as a stand-alone tutorial, in other words, you need not to have attended earlier sessions in order to attend later sessions.

COPSS-NISS COVID-19 Data Science Webinar Series 

The COPSS-NISS COVID-19 Data Science webinar series is co-organized by the Committee of the Presidents of Statistical Societies (COPSS) and its five charter member societies (ASA, ENAR, IMS, SSC, and WNAR), as well as NISS.  This bi-weekly seminar features the latest research that is positioned on the cusp of new understanding and analysis of COVID-19 pandemic data, and promotes data-driven research and decision making to combat COVID-19.

Mathematical Foundations of Data Science

A weekly online seminar on random topics on mathematical foundations of machine learning, statistics and optimization

Most recent and upcoming talks include:

November 5, 2021: Alekh Agarwal, (Microsoft Research)
November 12, 2021: Jiawei Han, (UIUC)
November 19, 2021: Vasilis Syrgkanis, (Microsoft Research)
December 3, 2021: Lars Peter Hansen, (University of Chicago)
December 10, 2021: Jose Blanchet, (Stanford University)