International Total Survey Error Workshop (ITSEW)

The goal of ITSEW is to promote discussion of questions of research, methodology and practice relating to Total Survey Error (TSE) and Total Survey Quality. Workshop sessions are comprised of relatively short presentations and catalyzing discussion by a designated discussant.  These presentations are followed by floor discussion among all participants.

Use the links below to access program information from previous workshops with workshop.  Workshop themes are in italics. On many of these pages you will find links to the slides used by the speakers at these events.

ITSEW 2024 at George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA - September 18-20, 2024.  

ITSEW 2021 virtual - Total Survey Error in the Age of COVID-19

ITSEW 2019 at University of Bergamo, Italy - Integration of surveys and alternative data sources

ITSEW 2018 at Duke - Approaches for Mitigating Total Survey Error (TSE) and Its Effects

ITSEW 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany - Total Survey Error: Combined data products from a TSE perspective

ITSEW 2016 in Australia - Will Total Survey Error Save Survey Science?

TSE15 in Baltimore, Maryland - Total Survey Error Conference - Improving Data Quality in the Era of Big Data

(Conference Program)
(Total Survey Error in PracticeBook that resulted from the work at this conference.)

ITSEW 2014 in Washington, DC - Total Survey Error: Fundamentals and Frontiers

ITSEW 2013 at Iowa State University - 7th International Total Survey Error Workshop

ITSEW 2012 in Sanpoort, Netherlands - Total Survey Error: Past, Present, and Future

ITSEW 2011 in Québec, Canada -  International Total Survey Error Workshop 2011

ITSEW 2010 in Stowe, Vermont- The Ongoing Evolution of Survey Methodology and the Impact on Total Survey Error

ITSEW 2009 in Tällberg, Sweden - The Total Survey Error Concept: Uses and Abuses

ITSEW 2008 in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina - Multiple Sources of Error and Their Interaction

ITSEW 2005 in Washington, DC - Latent Variable Models in the Social Sciences