ITSEW 2013: 7th International Total Survey Error Workshop

Sunday, June 2, 2013 to Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This year ITSEW is being hosted by Iowa State University in Ames, IA.


Local Organizers - Iowa State University

Sarah Nusser
Jae-kwang Kim
Emily Berg
Sandie Smith

Scientific Committee

Emily Berg, Paul Biemer, Edith DeLeeuw, David Dolson, Brad Edwards, Wendy Hicks, Alan Karr, Jae-kwang Kim, Yu-Chieh (Jay) Lin, Lars Lyberg, Peter Miller, Sarah Nusser

NISS is a co-sponsor, and this event is ARA-eligible.

Program and Abstracts


Sunday, June 2, 2013

4:00 Session I: Processing Error - A Neglected Corner of TSE
Chair: Sarah Nusser

Lars Lyberg, Stockholm University
Data Processing Errors and Their Control

Alan Karr, NISS
Integrating Disclosure Limitation Into TSE

Bryan Stanfill, Iowa State University
Quantifying Recall and Processing Error when Utilizing the Compendium of Physical Activities in Physical Activity Recall Surveys

Monday, June 3, 2013

8:30 Session II: Evaluating Measurement and Other Errors
Chair: Paul Biemer

Wayne Fuller, Iowa State University
Estimation of Measurement Error Properties: The Physical Activity Measurement Survey

Bruce Meyer, University of Chicago
Errors in Survey Reporting and Imputation and Their Effects on Estimates of Food Stamp Program Participation

Emily Berg, Iowa State University
Analysis of Measurement Error Models Using Parametric Fractional Imputation

11:00 Session III: TSE in Longitudinal Surveys
Chair: Dave Dolson

John Dixon, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Using Paradata to Model Total Survey Error in the Current Population Survey

Mary Mulry, US Census Bureau
Evaluating Recall Error in Survey Reports of Move Dates Through a Comparison with Records in a Commercial Database

1:30 Session IV: New Approaches to Nonresponsive Studies
Chair: Peter Miller

Mike Hidiroglou, Statistics Canada
Dealing with Non-response Using Follow-up

Jongho Im, Iowa State University
Propensity Score Adjustment Under Non-ignorable Non-response Using Information from Paradata

3:00 Session V: TSE in Agricultural and Natural Resource Surveys
Chair: Emily Berg

Sarah Nusser, Iowa State University
Sources of Survey Error in Land-based Surveys

Melissa Mitchell, NASS
Nonresponse Bias and Measurement Error in the Agricultural Resource Management Survey

Stephanie Zimmer, Iowa State University
Combining Estimates from Several Sources for Estimating Acreage of Crops

5:00 Session VI: Poster Presentations and Mixer

Nikolas Mittag, University of Chicago
Imputations: Benefits, Risks and a Method to Handle Missing Data

Jiwei Zhao, Yale University
Variance Estimation after Multiple Imputation

Andreea Erciulescu, Iowa State University
Evaluating the Impact of Nonsampling Errors on Small Domain Estimates for the Conservation Effects Assessment Project

Yang Li, Iowa State University
Imputation Error in Erosian Estimations Bsed on a Longitudinal Survey

Michael Price, Iowa State University
Evaluating Errors in Administrative Data

Wojciech Jablonski, University of Lodz
Fieldwork in CATI Surveys: How Can We Improve the Data Quality

Lasonja Kennedy, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Survey Design and Data Analysis: Methodological Considerations to Reduce Error and Increase Instrument Utility in Quantitative and Mixed Methods Research

Frederick Lorenz, Iowa State University
Correlated Residuals in General-Specific Survey Questions

Kyle Vincent, The Bank of Canada
Estimating Population Size with Link-Tracing Sampling

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

8:30 Session VII: Assessing Errors in Mixed Mode Surveys
Chair: Brad Edwards

Z. Tuba Suzer-Gurtekin, University of Michigan
Investigating the Bias of Alternative Statistical Inference Methods in Sequential Mixed-Mode Surveys

Jae-kwang Kim, Iowa State University
An Imputation Approach for Analyzing Mixed-mode Surveys

Stanislav Kolenikov, Abt SRBI
Mode Effect Analysis and Adjustment in a Split-sample Mixed-mode Web/CATI Survey

10:30 Session VIII: Applying the TSE Paradigm in Practice
Chair: Lars Lyberg

Paul Biemer, RTI International and UNC-Chapel Hill
ASPIRE: A System for Product Improvement, Review, and Evaluation

Paul Lavrakas, Independent Consultant and Northern Arizona University
Applying a Total Error Perspective to All Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods


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