Travel Reimbursement Forms & Policies

Reimbursement Forms and Process


For Affiliates Award Fund Travel Reimbursement Policy and Instructions, 

1.  Download and complete the form to request reimbursement for authorized expenditures that are associated with the Affiliate Award Fund or other NISS reimbursable expenses.

Expense Form (.xls)

2.  No reimbursements can be made prior to the event.  Reimbursements can only be made after the event is completely over.  No international flights and only the lowest cost seats can be reimbursed (not Business/1st Class).

3.  Print out the completed pages and be sure to sign the bottom right corner of the expense report - reimbursement cannot be accepted without a signature!

4.  Reimbursements must be approved by the Primary Liaison at your institution.  Include this as part of your completed report.  When possible, please include all receipts for expenses you are claiming.

5.  Scan the completed, signed and approved form and include as an email attachment to

           6.  NISS follows the U.S. government regulations that pertain to government employees.

Please Note: Support for travel and registration to attend all NISS sponsored or co-sponsored conferences, workshops and short courses, all CANSSI events and all statistical conferences at the North American mathematical and statistical institutes is available for reimbursement. Some professional society meetings that NISS sponsors, notably CSP, ENAR / WNAR, and WSDS, are also eligible (JSM, SIAM, and IMS, are not eligible).