ITSEW 2008

Monday, June 2, 2008 - 8:00am to Wednesday, June 4, 2008 - 12:15pm

Theme: Multiple Sources of Error and Their Interaction

Principal Sponsors
National Institute of Statistical Sciences
RTI International


Survey Methods Research Section, American Statistical Association

H. Öztas Ayhan
Covariates of Unit Nonresponse Error Components Based on Proxy Household Information

Catharine W. Burt and Esther Hing
Sources of Error in Estimating Community Health Center Physicians

Steven B. Cohen, Fred Rohde and William Yu
Building Wave Response Rates in a Longitudinal Survey: Essential for Nonsampling Error Reduction or Last In - First Out?

John Dixon, Clyde Tucker and Polly Phipps
Assessing Nonresponse Bias and Measurement Error in Estimates of Employment

Kimberly Henry
Using Audit Data To Estimate Taxpayer Reporting Error in the Statistics of Income Division's Individual Tax Return Sample

Wendy Hicks, David Cantor, Ann St. Claire, Rebecca Fee and Peter Rhode
A Tale of Two Methods: Comparing mail and RDD data collection for the Minnesota Adult Tobacco Survey III

Joop Hox, Edith de Leeuw and Hsuan-Tzu Chang
Reluctant Respondents & Measurement Error

Annica Isaksson, Peter Lundquist and Daniel Thorburn
How to Chose the Number of Call Attempts in a Telephone Survey In the Presence of Nonresponse and Measurement Errors

Donsig Jang, Xiaojing Lin, Amang Sukasih, Steve Cohen, and Kelly Kang
Assessment of Misclassification Error in Stratification Due to Incomplete Frame Information

Lars Lyberg and Bo Sundgren
Practical Survey Design Strategies for Minimizing MSE

Mary Mulry
Error Structure in Estimates of Census Coverage Error Components

Kristen Olson, Chun Feng and Lindsey Witt
When do nonresponse follow-ups improve or reduce data quality?
A meta-analysis and review of the existing literature

Andy Peytchev, Lisa Carley-Baxter and Michele Lynberg Black
Multiple Sources of Nonobservation Error in Telephone Surveys: Coverage and Nonresponse

Barry Schouten
Decomposing the maximal impact of under coverage, unit nonresponse and item nonresponse on bias and MSE

Eric Slud and Yves Thibaudeau
BRR Estimation of Variance of Survey Estimates Weight-adjusted for Nonresponse

M. Rita Thissen and Mai Nguyen
Using Audio Recording to Detect Data Collection Error

Roger Tourangeau, Robert M. Groves, Stanley Presser, Chris Toppe, Courtney Kennedy and Ting Yan
Experiments Exploring the Relationship (or Lack Thereof) Between Nonresponse Error and Measurement Error

Ting Yan, Colm O‘Muircheartaigh, Jenny Kelly, Pat Cagney, Rebecca Jessoe, Kenneth Rasinski and Gary Euler
The Dual Tasks of Interviewers

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