North Carolina State University, Department of Statistics

North Carolina State University, Department of Statistics

The Department of Statistics is among the nation's oldest and most prestigious, having been founded by renowned statistician Gertrude Cox in 1941. It receives support from both the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. It also houses the Institute of Statistics, which is completely integrated within the department and the activities of the Institute are intertwined with the activities of the department since late 1940's. All of the information about the Department also pertains to the activities of the Institute of Statistics.

The Department provides a dynamic environment for teaching, core research and collaborative research across disciplines, with formal programs in genetic, environmental, and industrial statistics, as well as biostatistics, bioinformatics, and biomathematics. It also has strong programs in statistics education, mathematical statistics, and work in a wide range of applications. The faculty are well-known for excellence in research and teaching, and have received numerous honors. Several are members of the NC State's Academy of Outstanding Teachers, and are Fellows of our professional societies. Faculty research is well-supported by National Science Foundation and National Institute of Health, among other agencies. Faculty members are well represented on editorial boards and in positions of leadership in our professional societies.

The statistics graduate program is the largest in the country, with about 170 graduate students. It attracts a diverse set of quality students from around the world. The undergraduate program is the second largest in the country with about 100 students. Students benefit from research partnerships and traineeship programs held with public and private organizations located in Research Triangle Park and on Centennial Campus. Campus collaborations range from Agriculture to Zoology!

The Department is the "birthplace" of SAS Institute, the world's largest privately owned software company, and one which specializes in statistical applications. It maintains a close relationship with SAS through student programs and other activities.  The Department houses the Bioinformatics Research Center (BRC) and the Center for Quantitative Sciences in Biomedicine (CQSB). It also houses the Institute of Statistics that was founded by Gertrude Cox.

Department Head

Len Stafanski

Affiliate Liaison Contact

Peter Bloomfield
Affiliate Location: 
Raleigh, NC