Columbia University, Department of Statistics

Columbia University, Department of Statistics

With its world class faculty of over 25 professors conducting research in probability theory, data science, computational, theoretical and applied statistics, the Department of Statistics at Columbia University is a leader in both academic excellence and vibrant intellectual stimulation. Founded in 1946, the department has made notable contributions in many scientific fields, such as astronomy, computer science, earth sciences, finance, genetics, mathematics, medicine, neuroscience, political science, psychology, and etc. The department hosts outstanding visiting faculty and postdoctoral fellows, and conducts specialized workshops and seminars in advanced statistics, probability, and interdisciplinary topics. The Statistics Department at Columbia organizes annual Focus Series that consists of conferences devoted to cutting edge topics in modern statistics. On the education front, the Department's Ph.D. program draws students from all over the world and prepares them for a career in research. The Department's Master’s program has grown exponentially, with graduates working all the way from Wall Street to the pharmaceutical, insurance, media and tech industries. The Department supports an undergraduate major, multiple joint majors and a concentration that is focused on the application of statistics, and provides the university with introductory service courses and consulting. The Department also participate in the Master’s programs in mathematical finance, actuarial science, data science, and the quantitative masters in social science. The department also offers free statistical consulting to the Columbia community.

The Department of Statistics has grown considerably in recent years. Enrollments in undergraduate and graduate classes have grown dramatically, as have demands for statistical collaborations from around the campus. The Department now has two joint faculty appointments (with Political Science and with Biology), with many faculty having formal memberships in interdisciplinary centers and institutes.

The Department has secured a position as one of the key science departments at Columbia and looks forward to making vital contributions at the forefront of statistical research as the discipline evolves in the coming decades.

Department Head

Tian Zheng

Affiliate Liaison Contacts

Tian Zheng, Zamaly Diaz Lebron

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New York, New York