NISS Postdoctoral Fellows / Early Career Statisticians and Data Scientists 

New Research Positions at NISS beginning Spring and Summer!


Early career researchers at NISS have the opportunity to work with research leaders to develop innovative data science technology and statistical modeling methodology. The focus is on high impact problems, from formulation to solution, leading to implementation.  Senior mentors are nationally or internationally recognized leaders in the statistical and data sciences.  

NISS research makes a difference by developing innovative data science technology and statistical modeling methodology.  Projects are variously located at NISS-DC, at a NISS Affiliate or NISS university-hub, or at a federal statistical agency. Examples of areas of expertise a specific project might call for are: 

  • statistical and AI modeling of massive, high dimensional data,
  • Bayesian modeling for prediction of highly defined small subset (small are) properties,
  • statistical/mathematical/AI space-time modeling that integrates heterogeneous data types (satellite image, GIS, sample survey, theoretical/empirical model),
  • visualization of statistical data,
  • GANs or other AI simulation for synthetic networks and complex data as suitable surrogates for private or restricted large-scale data bases
  • latent factor analysis to define new metrics of difficulty
  • data science and statistical computation tools. 

NISS Research Associates are highly successful and publish and present their research regularly. As testimony to their research on high-priority challenges, NISS Research Associates continue to receive awards both for individual contributions and for work with multidisciplinary teams, especially for methodology for defining key national statistics and indicators.

NISS appointments are for one year with expectation of renewal. Positions are open as early as March 2022.  Applicants must be able to work in a multidisciplinary context and bring statistical theory and data science technology to a research team with the goal of formulating a comprehensive technical approach problem solving. For some NISS positions, US citizenship may be required.  


Education:  Doctorate in statistics, data science or related discipline expected (2022) or received within the last 5 years 
Experience or Interest: Demonstrated ability to apply statistical theory/methods in substantive area context 
Research: Demonstrated ability with professional publications and/or presentations  
Other Requirements:  Commitment to collaborative research, excellent verbal and written communication skills

The National Institute of Statistical Sciences is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer


Location:  Washington, DC (preferred), some remote work possible. 
Salary:  Based upon qualifications and experience.
Dates: Appointment to start any time after 1 March 2022; multiple positions are open until filled. 
Expectations: Active participation in research with publications in top statistical and domain science journals, also presentations at national professional conferences.



Letter of Interest:  Full contact information, PhD year, and concise response to research emphases above 
CV: Educational background (including relevant coursework), research experience, publications 
References:  Contact information for three references (no letters please)