4th Analytics Without Borders Conference

Friday, March 29, 2019

This forum explores all ways of analytics work, be it from corporate institutions, academia, or government organizations. The event will be a blend of learning opportunities including:

  • keynote talks
  • hands-on workshops in R, Python, and Tableau
  • research presentations
  • poster presentations

All groups will be able to interact with each other and thus build bridges between the different analytics constituencies.

Anyone who does anything with data is warmly invited to present their work. Sessions will include a blend of corporate, academic and government researchers and practitioners. 


Morning Keynote Speaker

Bill Wellman, Harvard University

Title: The Fourth Industrial Revolution with Blockchain Technologies

Abstract: According to The World Economic Forum the Fourth Industrial Revolution has begun.  Historically, industrial revolutions have been accompanied by technology breakthroughs.  For example, the First Industrial Revolution utilized water and steam with the introduction of the steam engine to mechanize production.  Recent technology developments like artificial intelligence, internet of things, robotics and 3D printing offer great possibilities to fuel the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  However, Blockchain Technologies will transform the way in which value is exchanged between trading parties and stands to significantly reduce the cost of delivering both products and services.  Blockchain Technologies have already begun to transform supply chains, the financial services industry and money.  The impact of Blockchain Technologies will be far greater than prior industrial revolution technologies.  The Fourth Industrial Revolution will usher in the Token Economy with a profound impact on both business, society and daily living.  This presentation will discuss the role of Blockchain Technologies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Afternoon Keynote Speaker

John Lin, SVP and Lead Analytic Sciences Practice, Epsilon Data Management

Title: Innovation in Analytics via Machine Learning & AI

 Abstract: Analytics has become increasingly more sophisticated, with machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) hailed as the future of analytics. These advanced techniques are a necessity in today’s world where customers seek out interactions that are customized to how they live their everyday lives – how they consume media, how they make purchases, what content they have an affinity with.  Marketers need to make each interaction personal and purposeful—be it via email, loyalty programs, or digital media. Computer models can analyze high volumes of data to enable accurate real-time decisions, to make every customer interaction count, and to transform ordinary customer experiences into meaningful, human experiences that matter. This presentation will share some recent case studies where we have empowered marketers to tap into the ML/AI evolution that is leading to successful business outcomes.

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