The Fourth Workshop on Higher-Order Asymptotics and Post-Selection Inference (WHOA-PSI)^{4}

August 17-19, 2019

The Fourth Workshop on Higher-Order Asymptotics and Post-Selection Inference (WHOA-PSI)^{4} seeks to build upon the success of previous workshops by presenting the latest developments in post-selection inference, and discussing how tools from higher-order asymptotics can both elucidate important properties of post-selection inference procedures, as well as suggest new directions which may ultimately yield more accurate small-sample performance.

The workshop format is intended to encourage collaboration and lively discussion, and to give a voice to all participants with online discussion forums (a result of a successful experiment from the first two workshops).

More specific details will soon be posted on the conference website or contact: Todd Kuffner, email:


Organizing Committee

Dalia Ghanem - UC Davis
John Kolassa - Rutgers University
Todd Kuffner (lead organizer) - Washington University in St. Louis

Confirmed Speakers

Rina Foygel Barber - University of Chicago
Pallavi Basu - Indian School of Business
Heather Battey - Imperial College London
Yuval Benjamini - Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Peter Bickel - UC Berkeley
Graciela Boente - University of Buenos Aires
Florentina Bunea - Cornell University
Brian Caffo - Johns Hopkins University
Emmanuel Candes - Stanford University
Daniela De Angelis - MRC Biostatistics, Cambridge
Irina Gaynanova - Texas A&M University
Ed George - University of Pennsylvania
Iain Johnstone - Stanford University
Mladen Kolar - University of Chicago
Ioannis Kosmidis - University of Warwick
Stephen M.S. Lee - The University of Hong Kong
Xihong Lin - Harvard University
Kristin Linn - University of Pennsylvania
Miles Lopes - UC Davis
Xiao-Li Meng - Harvard University
Art Owen - Stanford University
Snigdha Panigrahi - University of Michigan
Dominique Picard - University of Paris 7/CNRS
Annie Qu - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Aaditya Ramdas - Carnegie Mellon University
Veronika Rockova - University of Chicago
Cynthia Rush - Columbia University
Richard Samworth - University of Cambridge
Ulrike Schneider - TU Wien
Peter Song - University of Michigan
Jonathan Taylor - Stanford University
Ryan Tibshirani - Carnegie Mellon University
Daniel Yekutieli - Tel Aviv University
Alastair Young - Imperial College London
Ming Yuan - Columbia University
Cun-Hui Zhang - Rutgers University
Linda Zhao - University of Pennsylvania

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Washington University in St. Louis


National Institute of Statistical Sciences


Washington University in St. Louis
St. Louis
United States