Government Career Fair - Spring 2021

March 12, 2021 - noon - 1:30 ET

[Please Note: This event has already occurred.  Go to the News Story to read about what happened and to access a recording and speaker slides.]

Government institutions have a unique mission when it comes to the data they collect as well as the importance of the research they engage in.  This research becomes the principle foundation for informing policy issues that impact all aspects of society. 

What is it like to work as a statistician in a government agency?  What kinds of opportunities are their for data scientists in the federal government?

More importantly, how do you prepare yourself for obtaining a position?

NISS has gathered an incredible trio of speakers.  Not only do they bring extensive experience working in the federal government, but these individuals have as their priority a willingness to share their experiences so that others may better understand an be better prepared for working for a federal agency. 

If you have ever considered being employed by a government institution, then this session is not one to miss!


Mika Cross, (Federal Workplace Expert)

"Navigating a Diverse and Flexible Career in the Federal Government"

Chris Haffer, (US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)

"Experience Working for the Federal Government and Career Opportunities for Data Scientists"

Lex Levin, (LexLevin, LLC)

"How to Build an Effective Federal Resume"


Michael Jadoo, (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

The Career Fair will be conducted using Zoom.   

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About the Speakers

Mika Cross, (Strategy@Work, LLC)

Bio:   Her career in public service began in uniform with the United States Army, having served as both a commissioned officer and enlisted soldier. Mika’s federal service also includes mission critical assignments throughout the United States Intelligence Community and across Executive Branches and Departments of the Federal government. In her roles at the Department of Labor and Office of Personnel Management, she worked on precedent-setting, federal government-wide human capital policy and workplace initiatives to enhance employee engagement, performance and the successful transition of military service members, military spouses and veterans into the civilian labor market. She also led the Advisory Committee on Veterans Employment, Training and Employer Outreach (ACVETEO) on behalf of the Secretary of Labor.

Chris Haffer, (US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)

Bio:  Chris Haffer was appointed the Chief Data Officer (CDO) and Director of the Office of Enterprise Data and Analytics at the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in November 2017.  He oversees agency data governance and provides internal and external customers with timely, accurate, bias‐free, and mission-critical data and information.  Chris has over 29 years’ federal experience in data, analytics, and research.  He has authored or co‐authored over three dozen peer‐reviewed publications. Dr. Haffer holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (1988) from Loyola College, and a Master of Public Policy (1991) and Ph.D. in Public Policy (1993) from UMBC.

Lex Levin, (LexLevin, LLC)

Bio: With 10+ years in the Federal Government and 11+ years as a full-time Certified Federal Resume Writer, Lex is an expert in the challenging and dynamic world of Federal resume writing and USAJOBS applications. Using a personable, easy-going, and empathetic style, Lex works closely and effectively with every level of job seeker, from entry-level to C-level, to create high-impact, keyword-based customized Federal resumes, Senior Executive Service applications, LinkedIn Profiles, personal narratives, and cover letters that get his clients referred, interviewed, and hired. You can find more information about Lex at his website: and on LinkedIn:


Michael Jadoo (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Bio:  Michael Jadoo works as an economist at Office of Productivity and Technology at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.   He has a bachelor’s degree in economics and business administration from Florida International University as well as a master’s degree in applied economics from The Johns Hopkins University. 


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National Institute of Statistical Sciences


National Institute of Statistical Sciences


Online Webinar
Moderator: Michael Jadoo, (BLS)  Speakers: Mika Cross, (Strategy@Work, LLC), Chris Haffer, (US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) and Lex Levin, (LexLevin, LLC)