Ingram Olkin Forum: Statistical Methods for Combatting Human Trafficking

March 1, 2023 - 2 to 5 pm ET


Human trafficking is a crime, and those who engage in it seek to avoid discovery.  Therefore, it is difficult to estimate its prevalence.  That difficulty is compounded by the fact that sex trafficking is different from forced agricultural labor which is different from child labor.  This webinar has expert speakers who will describe statistical approaches for estimating prevalence, especially multiple systems estimation, respondent-driven sampling, and economic modeling.  The pros and cons of these methods will be discussed. 


Tyler McCormick, (University of Washington)

Respondent-Driven Sampling” 

Kristian Lum, (Human Rights Data Analysis Group)

Multiple Systems Estimation

Duncan Thomas, (Duke University)

Economic Modeling

Margaret Henderson, (University of North Carolina)

An Overview of Human Trafficking

Forum Chair:  David Banks, (Duke University)


 A three-hour webinar with two 15-minute break.  Each speaker will have 30 minutes, with a final 30 minutes for discussion.

Organizing Committee

David Banks, (Duke University)
Daniel Manrique-Vallier, (Indiana Unversity)
Megan Price,  (Human Rights Data Analysis Group)

Event Type


National Institute of Statistical Sciences


National Institute of Statistical Sciences


Registration is free.


Online Webinar
Chair: David Banks, (Duke University)  Speakers: Tyler McCormick (U of Washington), Kristian Lum (Human Rights Data Analysis Group), Duncan Thomas (Duke), Margaret Henderson (UNC).