The Interdisciplinary Workshop on Weather and Climate Extremes

May 16-18, 2023

The Interdisciplinary Workshop on Weather and Climate Extremes hosted at Clemson University is a three-day workshop. The workshop will be held May 16-18, 2023.

Registration is open between February 17 and May 4, 2023.

This workshop aims to serve two complementary purposes. The first is to provide a venue to facilitate collaborations among statisticians, atmospheric and hydrological scientists to advance modeling and understanding of high-impact extreme events in the Earth climate system. The second is to introduce graduate students, postdoctoral scholars and researchers from other domains to the techniques and challenges that are unique to extreme value analysis.

The workshop will feature a pair of short courses: the first one, given by Dr. Eric Gilleland will cover contemporary advances in statistics of extremes, and includes a hands-on R software tutorial for extreme value analysis. The second short course, taught by Dr. Travis O'Brien, will give a Python tutorial on the Toolkit for Extreme Climate Analysis (TECA). The workshop will also include research talks and panel discussions on statistical methodology and applications related to extremes, as well as talks/discussions on the science and impacts of extreme events in the Earth system. Each of these panel discussions will include both statisticians and Earth science domain experts. Finally, there will be a young researcher poster session, consisting of 3-minute speed talks and regular poster presentations.



Francis Zwiers, University of Victoria

Michael Wehner, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Kenneth Kunkel, North Carolina State University

Richard Smith, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Brian Reich, North Carolina State University

Ben Shaby, Colorado State University

Likun Zhang, University of Missouri

Robert Lund, University of California - Santa Cruz

Thomas Wahl, University of Central Florida

Dan Cooley, Colorado State University

Alex Cannon, Environment and Climate Change Canada

Gabriele Villarini, University of Iowa

Mitchell Krock, Argonne National Laboratory

Ryan Sriver, University of Ilinois at Urbana-Champaign

Xuebin Zhang, Environment and Climate Change Canada Canada

Rao Kotamarthi, Argonne National Laboratory

Mihai Anitescu, Argonne National Laboratory

Jiali Wang, Argonne National Laboratory

Emily Hector, North Carolina State University

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Clemson University, School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences


National Science Foundation
Clemson University School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
Clemson University, College of Science
National Institute of Statistical Sciences


$150, and an additional $50 for those who also wish to attend both short courses


Clemson University Conference Center and Inn
South Carolina
United States