NextGen: Data Science Day

November 16th, 2019

Keynote Speakers

MikeTamir - Chief ML Scientist and Head of Machine Learning for SIG, UC Berkeley Data Science Faculty, and Director of Phronesis ML Labs, and

Francesca Dominici - Professor of Biostatistics at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Co-Director of the Harvard Data Science Initiative.

Besides two key note addresses, there four types of Parallel Sessions as part of the NextGen: Data Science Day:

Business Analytics in Practice

This session will feature 3-5 speakers that will present on a business challenges and how they used data science or statistical techniques to address the challenge. The focus will be on how statistics and data science can be used to address questions that arise in business settings. Q&A session to follow.

Challenges in Data Science 

This session will feature 3-5 speakers addressing open questions in data science and statistics. For example, data ethics, reproducibility, visualization, leading with data science / statistics, communication, education, etc. Q&A session to follow.

Careers in Data Science

This session will feature 3-5 speakers that will present broadly on tips for finding jobs, interviewing well, data science applications, preparing for the job market, how they came to their position, job search timelines, etc. Q&A session to follow.


This session will feature a speaker spending the time on an interactive workshop. Topic to be decided from: programming a specific language (e.g., specific packages within R or Python, Spark), visualization (e.g., Tableau), reproducibility, or on more technical topics, such as working with missing data, model selection, etc.

Spnosor Interviews

There will also be an opportunity for sponsors to set up interview sessions throughout the day with attendees. 



8:30--9:15AM LaCava 3rd floor Check-in and coffee

9:15--9:30AM LaCava 3rd floor Opening Remarks

9:30--10:30AM LaCava 3rd floor Keynote #1 - Mike Tamir

10:30--10:40AM LaCava 3rd floor Coffee break

10:40--12:10PM Parallel panel sessions

12:10--1:20PM LaCava 3rd floor Lunch

1:20--2:50PM Parallel panel sessions

2:50--3:00PM LaCava 3rd floor Coffee break

3:00--4:00PM LaCava 3rd floor Keynote #2 - Francesca Dominici

4:00--6:00PM LaCava 3rd floor Poster session & Networking reception

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Bentley University


National Institute of Statistical Sciences


LaCava Building
175 Forest St.
Bentley University
United States