NISS Academic Meet-Up: “Succeeding as a Statistician in Academia: Things I Wish I Knew at the Start of My Career”

Tuesday, April 23rd from 1 - 2 pm (ET)

The first Academic Meet-up organized by NISS focused on getting that first job as a statistician, the second meet-up focused on improving statistical communication skills. Both are very important aspects of growing your experience and potential as an statistician. But what happens now that you have landed that position in a college or university department?  What are the next steps to contemplate and work towards?

What are the different paths that are open to you and how do you prepare yourself for advancement?  What opportunities are there in teaching, research or administration?  How can you foster the chances of advancing your career in academia? Everyone focuses on tenure, so what are important things to focus on as you prepare for tenure decisions?

This third Meet-up organized by the Academic Affiliates will offer advice for statisticians that are involved in making their way up the academic career ladder.  The speakers for this event represent a variety of academic environments: small liberal arts college, large R1 university and major biostatistics departments.

Join a conversation that will give you some time-tested advice to help you navigate these tough questions!



Murali Haran (Chair of the Department of Statistics, Penn State)

Karen Bandeen-Roche (Chair of the Department of Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins University)

Nicholas Horton (Professor of Statistics, Amherst College) 

Mimi Kim (moderator) - Albert Einstein College of Medicine

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National Institute of Statistical Sciences




Virtual Meet-up
1:00 - 2:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time
United States