NISS Affiliates Technology Day: Data Confidentiality

Wednesday, May 29, 2002 - 9:00am to 6:30pm

Description. This is the second in a continuing series of NISS Affiliates Technology Days whose purpose is to provide:

* Early, in-depth access to completed and ongoing NISS research, in this case on data confi-dentiality (DC), especially to Federal agency and corporate affiliates.

* Opportunity for all NISS affiliates to inform the future course of the research, and to partner in future research, through proposals, affiliate-funded projects or other forms of collabora-tion. In particular, faculty and graduate students from university affiliates will be able join teams to pursue the research issues and funding.

The topic is Data Confidentiality, which NISS has been addressing for several years under the auspices of the Digital Government (DG) project. Detailed information about the project is available on the NISS Web site, at

Anticipated Outcomes. The Technology Day is intended to (1) Summarize NISS research to date on DC; (2) Identify specific, approachable DC issues whose resolution would have high impact on (corporate and government) affiliates; (3) Inform the course of future NISS research on DC, especially under the soon-to-be-initiated DG II project; (4) Identify opportunities and paths for researchers from corporate, government and university affiliates to become engaged in the research.

Date and Location. The Technology Day will be held on Wednesday May 29, 2002, at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2 Massachusetts Avenue, NE, Washington, DC. All NISS affiliates are eligible to receive reimbursement for attendance.

Security Procedures:Because of security procedures in government buildings, BLS requires a list of attendees in advance. Federal agencies affiliates, although space at BLS is limited, we expect to be able to accommodate more than one person per agency, so please have all who plan to attend notify us. If there is a space problem, we will get back to you.



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Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington, DC
United States