NISS-Merck Meet-Up on Adaptive Trials for Drug Development

January 15, 2020 11-12:30 pm EDT

The National Institute of Statistical Science (NISS) and Merck are sponsoring a Virtual Meet-Up on Adaptive Trials for Drug Development.

Adaptive clinical trials use accruing data to make changes in the ongoing trial. Changes based on early information can increase efficiency, by limiting resources to likely failures and increasing them for promising interventions. Such changes are also likely to be beneficial from the patients’ perspective. Although adaptive trials have been part of drug development for about 30 years, there is still some confusion over the best ways to utilize them.  In this meet-up we will discuss some of the guidelines for adaptive trials and explore some of the ways they are being used effectively today.


The agenda for the meet-up is as follows:

Vladimir Dragalin, (Janssen)

 "Thoughts on ICH E20 EWG on Adaptive Clinical Trials"

QiQi Deng, (Boehringer-Ingelheim)

 "Two stage adaptive design in dose ranging studies and the alternatives"

Scott Berry, (Berry Consultants)

 "Master protocols & platform trials"


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We hope you will be able to join the meet-up. For those who can attend, we invite you to fill out a brief survey at the end of the meeting to help us better plan future meet-up events.

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Virtual Meet-up
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Event number: 746 290 534
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