Quality and Productivity Research Conference 2021

July 26 - 29, 2021

Data Science and Statistics for Quality

Hybrid Conference

Given the uncertainty surrounding in-person meetings in the US and Florida, the QPRC 2021 organizers are planning to hold a hybrid conference. We will plan on having both in-person and virtual sessions and speakers. 

The goal of the conference is to stimulate interdisciplinary research and  innovative solutions to problems though interactions among  statisticians, quality professionals, engineers, data scientists, students, and others from many fields. 

The conference theme is "Data Science and Statistics for Quality."  The program will reflect this by including many sessions on machine learning and high dimensional data structures, for example. We will also have many quality-related sessions on such topics as statistical process control and reliability.

We look forward to you joining us for the conference on the campus of Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida - Florida's capitol city. If you can't travel to us, we are making this as hybrid conference with the option to attend and participate remotely!


Keynote Speakers

Peihua Qiu

Peihua Qiu is a professor and the founding chair of the Department of Biostatistics at the University of Florida. He received his Ph.D. in statistics from the Department of Statistics at the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1996. He then worked as a senior research consulting statistician for the Biostatistics Center at the Ohio State University during 1996-1998, and as a faculty member of the School of Statistics at the University of Minnesota during 1998-2013. Qiu has made substantial contributions in the research areas of jump regression analysis, image processing, statistical process control, survival analysis, and disease screening and surveillance. So far, he has published two research monographs and over 120 research papers in refereed journals. He is an elected fellow of the American Statistical Association, an elected fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, and an elected member of the International Statistical Institute. He served as associate editor for a number of top statistical journals, including JASA, Biometrics, and Technometrics. He was the editor of Technometrics during 2014-2016.

Geoff Vining

Dr. Geoff Vining is professor at the Department of Statistics at Virignia Tech.  More information about Dr. Vining can be found at his website.

Will Welch

Will Welch joined the Department of Statistics, UBC as a Professor in  2003, and was Head of Department from 2003 until 2008 and Interim Head  August-December 2018.  Prior to that he was at the University of  Waterloo for 16 years.  He also holds the honorary title of Visiting  Professor in the Business School, Loughborough University, UK.   
Welch's research spans computer-aided design of experiments, quality  improvement, the design and analysis  of computer experiments, statistical methods for drug discovery, and  machine/statistical learning.  Welch has served on the editorial boards of the Annals of Applied  Statistics, the Canadian Journal of Statistics,  and the SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification.  He has also  served as President of the Business and Industrial Statistics Section of  the Statistical Society of Canada and as Associate Director of the  Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute (CANSSI). He has won the  American Statistical Association's Statistics in Chemistry Prize and is  a Fellow of the American Statistical Association.  

Short Course

Visualize, Wrangle, Present: Work Effectively With Tidyverse and RMarkdown

Invited Speakers

Sajid Ali, Quaid-i-Azam University
Jonathan Bradley, Florida State University
Sarah Burke, Air Force Institute of Technology
Michal Černý, University of Economics, Prague
Sam Davanloo, Ohio State University
Gejza Dohnal, Czech Technical University
David Edwards, Virginia Commonwealth University
Devin Francom, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Mostafa Reisi Gahrooei, University of Florida
Scott Holan, University of Missouri
Chao Huang, Florida State University
Suprateek Kundu, Emory University
Karel Kupka, Trilobyte
Runze Li, Pennsylvania State University
Tianxi Li, University of Virginia  
Haitao Liao, University of Arkansas
Yang-Li Liao, University of Alabama
Lu Mao, University of Wisconsin
Rebecca Medlin, Insitute for Defense Analyses
Aisaku Nakamura, University of Kentucky
Jared Nystrom, Air Force Institute of Technology
Paul Parker, University of Missouri
Peter Parker, NASA
Limin Peng, Emory University
Marc Perry, University of Alabama
Matthew Pratola, Ohio State University
Arman Sabbaghi, Purdue University
Matthew Scherer, Air Force Institute of Technology
Sachin Shanbhag, Florida State University
Gina Sigler, Orica
Jim Simpson, JK Analytics
Nathaniel Stevens, University of Waterloo
Qiang Sun, University of Toronto
Rui Tuo, Texas A&M
Arda Vanli, Florida State University
Boxiang Wang, University of Iowa
Hui Wang, Florida State University
Zhi Wang, University of Alabama
Haolei Weng, Michigan State University
Jeffrey Williams, Air Force Institute of Technology
Congshan Wu, Arizona State University
Ronghui (Lily) Xu, University of California - San Diego
Hou-Cheng Yang, Florida State UniversityTing Ye, University of Pennsylvania
Derek Young, University of Kentucky
Qiong Zhang, Clemson University

Contributed Program and Poster Session


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Florida State University, Department of Statistics


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National Institute of Statistical Sciences
FAMU-FSU Engineering: Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Mary G. and Joseph Natrella Scholarships


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Conference Host: Florida State University