Tripods Center Workshop: Structure in the Micro-World

May 28 - 31, 2019

Description of this Workshop:

Geometry and topology play a key role in describing nature at the microscopic scales. Shape determines the function of proteins in biochemistry, macroscopic properties of materials, and even behaviors of organisms. This workshop will bring together researchers interested in using geometric and topological analysis to study the fascinating structures that appear in the micro-world.


Confirmed Speakers

Dunbar Birnie - Rutgers University

Zixuan Cang - University of California, Irvine

Pawel Dlotko - Swansea University

Christine Heitsch - Georgia Institute of Technology

Miranda Holmes-Cerfon -  New York University

Jeremy Mason - University of California, Davis

Julie Mitchell - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Ippei Obayashi - Center for Advanced Intelligence Project, RIKEN

Ben Schweinhart - The Ohio State University

Kelin Xia - Nanyang Technological University

Event Type


Translational Data Analytics Institute


National Science Foundation
Mathematical Biosciences Institute
National Institute of Statistical Sciences


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