Affiliate Career Advice Meet-up Featured in AMSTAT News

Affiliate Career Advice Meet-up Featured in July, 2019 AMSTAT News

The NISS Academic Affiliate Meet-up that focused on career related advice for junior faculty was featured in the July, 2019 edition of AMSTAT News.

On April 23, 2019 speakers Murali Haran (Penn State, statistics department in large research university), Karen Bandeen-Roche (Johns Hopkins, biostatistics department) and Nicholas Horton (Amherst College, small liberal arts college) responded to the statement: “Things I Wish I Knew at the Start of My Career”!

The session reviewed the different paths that are open to junior faculty and advice for getting prepared for advancement.  Opportunities in teaching, research or administration were discussed as well advice for supporting healthy advancement of a career in academia. All three speakers spent time at the end of the session responding to questions from attendees, providing further advice and remarks.  Read more about their advice and suggestions either in the AMSTAT News article or review the recording of the original discussion that took place online in the NISS new story, "Sage Advice for Statisticians Looking to Advance their Career in Academia".

This event was the third of a series of academic virtual meet-up sponsored by the Affiliates Committee of NISS and organized by Mimi Kim (Albert Einstein College of Medicine), Esra Kurum (University of California, Riverside) and Kevin Lee (Western Michigan University). This third meet-up built on the previous two and focused on growing one’s experience once one has landed a position in an academic position.  The previous two were on getting that first job as a statistician and on improving statistical communication skills. Recordings of all events are available at

New Meet-up Events Coming This Fall

Keep your eye open for future NISS  Affiliate meet-ups scheduled for this Fall!  In the works is a session entitled, "What’s in a name  – data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and what else?".  In addition, sessions on the topics of 'reproducibility' and on 'getting a grant funded on a statistical topic' are also in the works.  Keep your eye open for information about all of these events.  Details will be posted both on the NISS website as well as in future Affiliates Updates and NISS Parameters Newsletters

If you have ideas for future topics that the NISS Affiliates Committee should consider, please contact NISS at


Wednesday, July 3, 2019 by Glenn Johnson