Have a position to fill? Announce your Job Openings on the NISS website

Did you know that the NISS website has a section of it reserved for the posting of job announcements for all affiliates?  It can’t hurt to share your announcement with other organizations associated with NISS or other visitors to our website.  There are couple of ways you can get this information to us:

  1.    Fill out our new Webform for Job Postings.
  2.    Send to communications@niss.org the information you have posted about the position you are looking to fill, or better yet, send us the link to where you might have it posted already.

Typically after the deadline for application submission, positions will automatically be deleted, unless of course we hear from you earlier.  So, if you have a standing offer you will need to contact us a couple of times a year.  We are determined to keep your job announcements fresh!

A link to the Job Announcements page can be found at the bottom of of every page of the NISS website!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 by