Karr Stepping Down as Director of NISS

Alan Karr, Director of NISS since 2000, has announced that he will leave NISS
at the end of August. In September, he will become Director of the Center of
Excellence for Complex Data Analysis (CoDA) at RTI International.

Informing the Board of Trustees of his departure, Karr said that, "My new
position at RTI is a unique opportunity for me to help shape the future of
statistics at one of the world's premier statistical organizations, and I look
forward to it with great excitement.

"My twenty-two years at NISS have been immensely challenging and satisfying.
What has made the experience truly special is the people with whom I have been
privileged to work. Among them are several dozen collaborators on NISS
projects, from academia, government and industry; more than 75 eager and
talented postdoctoral fellows; an extraordinary staff; and more than 200
community leaders who have served on the Board of Trustees and Corporation
since I came to NISS in 1992."

Susan Ellenberg, chair of the NISS Board, "Speaking for the Board, we all have
been really impressed with what Alan has been able to accomplish as NISS
Director. He has been a wonderful partner to the Board, a highly effective
leader, and a responsible steward of NISS. We wish him the best in his new
role at RTI."

Ellenberg has appointed a committee to search for the new director of NISS. It
is co-chaired by outgoing and incoming Board vice-chairs Roger Hoerl and Bob
Rodriguez; the other members are Daniel Solomon, Jessica Utts and Karr. Click
for more information about the search.

Monday, June 23, 2014 by Jamie Nunnelly