Lawrence Cox, Alan Karr and Satkartar Kinney Publish paper in International Statistical Review

Lawrence Cox, Alan Karr and Satkartar Kinney have just published a paper entitled "Risk-Utility Paradigms for Statistical Disclosure Limitation: How to Think, But Not How to Act" in the International Statistical Review, the flagship journal of the International Statistical Institute. The paper argues that prevailing risk-utility formulations for problems of statistical disclosure limitation (SDL), while powerful guides to official statistics agencies in regard to how to think about disclosure limitation problems, often do not provide a sound basis for acting upon the problems. They illustrate this position in three specific contexts—transparency, tabular data and survey weights, with shorter consideration of longitudinal data and the use of administrative data to augment surveys. The paper is accompanied by discussions by four eminent researchers in SDL: Josep Domingo-Ferrer (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain), George Duncan (emeritus, Carnegie Mellon University), Christine O'Keefe (CSIRO, Australia) and Natalie Shlomo (University of Southampton, UK), as well as a rejoinder from Cox, Karr and Kinney.

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Friday, August 12, 2011 by Jamie Nunnelly