New Website Feature: Meet-Up Recordings

It seems that virtual meetings are here to stay!  They certainly are convenient, both in terms of travel and expense.  While one drawback might be having to put up with the occaisional technical glitch or audio levels that just won’t seem to cooperate, the upside is that we automatically get recordings of the session to refer to later, or to share with colleagues who might not have been able to attend the live event!

As you know, NISS has been busy hosting a number of virtual meet-ups both in conjunction with Merck and through the Academic Affiliates of NISS.  As a result, we have started to accumulate quite a few of these recordings.

To make access to these recordings more efficient, a new web page on the NISS web has been created that has a listing of all of these Meet-up Recordings.  You access this page by clicking on the ‘Events’ menu item, then selecting ‘Meet-Up Recordings’.

Check it out today!

Friday, February 15, 2019 by Glenn Johnson