NISS Board of Trustees Committees for 2021-2022

The work of NISS does not get done by itself!  There are a number of committees that work throughout the year to ensure that the activities and outreach of NISS continues to fulfill NISS’s mission.

Here is the list of the individuals that serve on the various committees that report to the NISS Board of Trustees:

Executive Committee:  James Booth (Chair), Mimi Kim (Vice-Chair), Dan Jeske, Jerry Reiter, Leland Wilkinson, Ron Wasserstein, Alyson Wilson, James Rosenberger (Ex-Officio), Nell Sedransk (Ex-Officio)

Affiliates Committee:  Dan Jeske (Chair), Sumanta Basu, Kate Crespi, Nathan Cruze, Joel Dubin, Dan Holder, Michael Jadoo, Megan Glenn, Glenn Johnson, Phil Kott, Esra Kurum, Kevin Lee, Piaomu Liu, Victor Lo, Sam Woolford, Lingzhou Xue, James Rosenberger (Ex-Officio)

Academic Planning:  Esra Kurum (Chair), Sumanta Basu, Kevin Lee, Piaomu Liu|
Government Planning:  Nathan Cruze (Chair): Michael Jadoo, Phil Kott 
Industry Planning: To be filled!

Recruiting & Retention Committee:  Lingzhou Xue, Phil Kott, George Luta, John Stufken, James Rosenberger (Ex-Officio)

Awards & Nominations Committee:  Jerry Reiter (Chair), Karen Bandeen-Roche, Nicholas Jewell, Nancy Potok, Mahlet Tadesse, James Rosenberger (Ex-Officio)

Communications & Marketing Committee:  Richard Zink (Chair), Randy Freret, Jan Hannig, Dan Holder, Glenn Johnson, Nell Sedransk, Ron Wasserstein,

Finance Committee:  Ron Wasserstein (Chair), Mary Batcher, Ed Cohen, Mimi Kim, James Booth (Ex-Officio), James Rosenberger (Ex-Officio), Candyce Hughes (Ex-Officio), Nell Sedransk (Ex-Officio), Alan Lee (Consultant-CFO)

Ingram Olkin Fund Committee:  Nancy Flournoy (Chair), David L. Banks, Betsy Becker, Michael Brundage, Megan Glenn, Tim Hesterberg, Claire Kelling, James Rosenberger, Jerry Sacks, Christopher Schmid, Lingzhou Xue

Salary & Evaluation Committee:  James Booth (Chair), Mimi Kim, 

NISS is always looking for new ideas and individuals willing to get involved in serving NISS Affiliates and the statistics and data science community in general.  

If you are interested adding this type of service to your professional resume, please do not hesitate to contact Randy Freret at

Wednesday, August 11, 2021 by Glenn Johnson