NISS Seeking Research Associates!

NISS plans to appoint one or more PhD-level research analysts/statisticians to be deeply involved in statistical methodological development and/or the application of statistical, computational or quantitative methodologies to large (federal) statistical databases.

Is your expertise in Survey Sampling Theory or Methodology?

Are you familiar with Psychometric Models or Quantitative Methods for Large Data?

Do you have an interest or experience with Statistical Computing or Big Data Analytics?

Is Bayesian Modeling your research focus? 

Do you want to pursue Causal Inference and Forecasting or Statistical Modeling for Complex Systems?

If any of these research areas resonate with the research that you already involved but are interested in learning more and applying what you know, then apply for an opportunity to join NISS in one or more of these areas working with companies or government agencies to solve important real-world problems.

This prestigious position becomes available only once in a while.  Former NISS Research Associates / Postdocs having moved on to wonderfully productive careers often credit the NISS position that they held as an experience that jump started their careers.  Think of what this kind of experience can do for you!

So, if you see yourself and your research interests align with NISS where Statistics Makes a DifferenceAPPLY to be a NISS Research Associate!

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Monday, May 7, 2018 by Glenn Johnson