Mahlet G. Tadesse

NISS Position: 
Appointed to the Board of Trustees and Member of the NISS Corporation by the Eastern North American Region of The International Biometric Society (ENAR)
NISS Term Expiration: 
2024 June 30
Georgetown University
Professional Title: 
Professor and Chair, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Mahlet Tadesse is Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Georgetown University. She received her doctorate in Biostatistics from Harvard University and served on the faculty at the University of Pennsylvania as Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, prior to joining Georgetown University. She is an elected member of the International Statistical Institute and a fellow of the American Statistical Association.

Her research focuses on the development of statistical and computational tools for the analysis of large-scale genomic data. She is particularly interested in stochastic search methods and Bayesian inferential strategies to identify structures and relationships in high-dimensional data sets. Some research problems she is currently working on include: (1) identification of biologically relevant markers and prediction of clinical outcomes in a unified manner, (2) integration of biological knowledge in the evaluation of genomic data, (3) integration of various genomic data sources, (4) methods for mining large-scale prospective epidemiological data, (5) predictive models for species and trait distribution patterns in highly biodiverse ecosystems. Her areas of expertise include Bayesian Statistics, Biostatistics, Mixture Models, Omics and Bioinformatics, and Variable Selection. She is fluent in Amharic, French, and Italian.