Marc Kennedy

Professional Title: 
Senior Risk Analyst and Statistician

Dr. Marc Kennedy is a Senior Risk Analyst and Statistician at Fera (UK). He served with NISS as a postdoc from 2000 to 2002, where he worked with General Motors to create calibrations of crash test simulations and of spot welding. Prior to working with NISS, Kennedy earned his Ph.D. at the University of Nottingham.

As the Senior Risk Analyst and Statistician with Fera, Kennedy has worked to improve methods used to quantify uncertainty in risk and data analysis. He has applied these improved methods to the fields of food safety, risk benefit analysis, and exposure modelling. He is currently contributing his talents to various EU projects. These include Browse (exposures of bystanders, residents, workers and operators during crop spraying), Euromix (exposures to chemical mixtures) and Total Diet Study Exposure, a project that seeks to provide a scientific basis for population dietary exposure to nutrients and non-nutrients including contaminants, and potential impact on public health.

Technical Reports

  • Bayesian Validation of a Computer Model for Vehicle Crashworthiness (2005) -
  • A Framework for Validation of Computer Models (2002) -