Vincent Granville

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Data Science Central
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Co-FounderData Scientist

Dr. Vincent Granville is Co-Founder and Data Scientist to Data Science Central. He worked as a postdoc with NISS from 1995-1996, where he focused on environmental statistics, including storm modeling, extreme value theory, and assessing leaks at the Hanford nuclear reservation (Washington State), using spatio-temporal models applied to chromium levels measured in 12 wells. He also focused on Markov Chains Monte Carlo modeling (Bayesian hierarchical models applied to complex cluster structures), Spatio-tempral models, and disaggregation of rainfall time series. Between the years of 1983 and 1993, he earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics and Statistics at Namur University.

Granville is a visionary data scientist with 15 years of big data, predictive modeling, digital and business analytics experience. Granville is widely recognized as the leading expert in scoring technology, fraud detection and web traffic optimization and growth. Over the last ten years, he has worked in real-time credit card fraud detection with Visa, advertising mix optimization with CNET, change point detection with Microsoft, online user experience with Wells Fargo, search intelligence with InfoSpace, automated bidding with eBay, click fraud detection with major search engines, ad networks and large advertising clients.

Most recently, Granville launched Data Science Central, the leading social network for big data, business analytics and data science practitioners. In addition to NISS, Granville is a former post-doctorate of Cambridge University. He was among the finalists at the Wharton School Business Plan Competition and at the Belgian Mathematical Olympiads. Vincent has published 40 papers in statistical journals (including Journal of Royal Statistical Society - Series B, IEEE Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Journal of Number Theory), a Wiley book on data science, and is an invited speaker at international conferences. He also developed a new data mining technology known as hidden decision trees, owns multiple patents, published the first data science eBook, and raised $6MM in start-up funding. Granville is a top 20 big data influencers according to Forbes, and was also featured on CNN. You can access his most recent eBook, Applied Stochastic Processes, Chaos Modeling, and Probabilistic Properties of Numeration Systems, here.

He is on Twitter @AnalyticBridge (189,000 followers) and manages the largest analytic LinkedIn group (close to 278,000 members).

Technical Reports

  • Sampling from a Bivariate Distribution with Known Marginals (1996) -