3rd Industry Virtual Career Fair!

Wednesday, February 19, 12-1:15 pm ET

[Please Note: This event has already occurred.  Go to the News Story to read about what happened and to access a recording and speaker slides.]

Interested in an industry job?

In the March issue of the IMS Bulletin in 2014, Terry Speed advised his readers to Give Industry a Chance. Terry articulated the benefits of working in industry and suggested activities that could help graduate students explore career opportunities outside of academia.

National Institute of Statistical Sciences (NISS) has a mission to promote collaborations across different disciplines. On September 26, NISS sponsored its First Virtual Career Fair, featuring career opportunities at GoogleMerckMinitabRTI, and SASRecordings and presentations for the September 26 career fair are now available to the public.

NISS held a 2nd Industry Career Fair on December 6th (Friday) 12-1pm ET. The 2nd career fair featured career opportunities for statisticians/data scientists/analysts in banking and marketing sectors.  Like the first career fair, the second one was restricted to NISS affiliates only.  Recordings and presentations for the December 6 career fair are also now available to the public at:  https://www.niss.org/meet-recordings

NISS will sponsor a 3rd Industry Career Fair, on Wednesday, February 19, 12-1:15 pm ET [9-10:15 am PT] that features career opportunities at Amazon, AT&T, Medtronic, and RAND Corporation.

The virtual career fair will use Zoom. Each presenter will have 15 minutes to address the follow general topics:

  • What are the job opportunities for statisticians/data scientists/analysts in your organization?
  • Describe the range of skills statisticians/data scientists/analysts need to succeed in your organization?
  • What is the career path for statisticians/data scientists/analysts in your organization?
  • Is your organization currently hiring statisticians/data scientists/analysts?
  • What advice would you give to students based on your experience?

Intended Audience

Students/Faculty (at all levels) from NISS Affiliate Institutions who may be interested in learning career opportunities in non-healthcare industry either now or in the future. The career fair may also be of interest to those who are considering a career change to work in non-healthcare industry either now or in the future!

Registration Process

To register for the virtual career fair, your organization needs to be a NISS affiliate. Please check the list of NISS affiliates to see if your organization is a NISS affiliate. If you qualify to register, please use your .edu, .gov or .com email address when registering.

While the live event is limited to NISS affiliates, NISS will subsequently make video recordings from the fair available to the public at its website (www.niss.org) under News -> Meet-up Recordings on March 19.

We invite members from NISS affiliate organizations to join us at this third industry virtual career fair.

The Career Fair will be conducted using Zoom.   REGISTER TODAY!  


The program for this virtual career fair will be organized as follows:

12:00-12:05         Opening remarks - Dr. Ya Su, University of Kentucky

12:05-12:20         Dr. Ming Li , Research Scientist at Amazon

12:20-12:35         Dr. Subho Majumdar, Senior Inventive Scientist, Data Science & AI Research AT&T Labs

12:35-12:50         Dr. Theodore Lystig, Senior Director of Corporate Biostatistics  Medtronic

12:50-13:05         Dr. Bonnie Ghosh-Dastidar, Senior Statistician and Head, RAND Statistics Group

13:05-13:15         Q&A

Moderated by Dr. Ya Su, University of Kentucky


About the Presenters

Ming Li is currently a Research Scientist at Amazon and adjunct instructor at University of Washington. He organized and presented 2018 JSM Introductory Overview Lecture: Leading Data Science: Talent, Strategy, and Impact. He was the Chair of Quality & Productivity Section of ASA. He was a Data Scientist at Walmart and a Statistical Leader at General Electric Global Research Center. He obtained his Ph.D. in Statistics from Iowa State University in 2010. With deep statistics background and a few years’ experience in data science and machine learning, he has trained and mentored numerous junior data scientist with different backgrounds such as statistician, programmer, software developer, database administrator and business analyst. He is also an Instructor of Amazon’s internal Machine Learning University and was one of the key founding members of Walmart’s Analytics Rotational Program.

Subho Majumdar is a Senior Inventive Scientist in the Data Science and AI Research group of AT&T Labs Research (erstwhile AT&T Bell Labs). His research topics include viewership and network modelling at scale, data visualization, and social aspects of data science/ML, like fairness, bias and privacy. Subho has a PhD in Statistics from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, where his dissertation broadly covered statistical methods based on data depth, focusing on dimension reduction and variable selection. Before joining the Labs, he also spent a year as postdoc in University of Florida working on high dimensional methods for omics data.

Theodore Lystig is the Senior Director of Corporate Biostatistics and a Technical Fellow at Medtronic, where he provides leadership and guidance in the use of robust statistical and research design methods throughout the company.  He also holds the position of Adjunct Assistant Professor within the Division of Biostatistics at the University of Minnesota.  Dr. Lystig is an elected Fellow of the American Statistical Association (ASA).  He received his B.A. degree in Mathematics from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Biostatistics from the University of Washington in Seattle, and was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Chalmers Technical University in Gothenburg, Sweden, in statistical genetics.

Bonnie Ghosh-Dastidar is a senior statistician and new head of the RAND Statistics Group, where she works at the intersection of statistics and public policy.  Her current projects include several NIH-funded natural experiments evaluating the effect of neighborhood-level investments on residents' diet, sleep, physical activity, and health. Dr. Ghosh-Dastidar has been the lead statistician for multiple prominent studies including an independent assessment of the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment in the U.S. military, and the Singapore mental health study to establish prevalence of mental health disorders in that nation. Ghosh-Dastidar is an elected fellow of the American Statistical Association (ASA). The American Statistical Association and Committee on Women in Statistics celebrated her work in statistics and data science during Women’s History Month in March 2019. Ghosh-Dastidar received her Ph.D. in statistics from Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA; and her undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Albright College, Reading, PA.

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Moderator: Ya Su (University of Kentucky) Speakers: (left to right) Ming Li (Amazon), Subho Majumdar (AT&T Labs), Theodore Lystig (Medtronic), and Bonnie Ghosh-Dastidar (RAND Statistics Group).