COPSS-NISS COVID-19 Data Science Webinar Series

Thursday, June 10, 2021 12-1 pm ET (9-10 pm PT)

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Insights on Vaccine Hesitancy and Healthcare Inequity from a Survey of Millions of Individuals in the US and Worldwide

About this Webinar Series

The COPSS-NISS COVID-19 Data Science webinar series is co-organized by the Committee of the Presidents of Statistical Societies (COPSS) and its five charter member societies (ASAENARIMSSSC, and WNAR), as well as NISS.  This bi-weekly seminar features the latest research that is positioned on the cusp of new understanding and analysis of COVID-19 pandemic data, and promotes data-driven research and decision making to combat COVID-19. Find out more about this series and view all the previous sessions on the Webinar Series page.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, epidemiologists and data scientists have relied heavily on publicly reported data about cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. But this data does not give the full picture of the pandemic, particularly when public health reporting systems are not always timely and complete. We present a global survey, developed in consultation with the WHO, CDC, and many other international stakeholders, that used Facebook as a sampling frame to randomly select daily samples to reach a total of over 60 million respondents in a year. The survey collects data about symptoms, social distancing, mental health, vaccines, vaccine hesitancy, vaccine equity and more. The survey's broad reach and daily sampling permits tracking of trends as the pandemic progresses, and the results suggest that online surveys may have an important role to play in public health.


Frauke Kreuter, (Maryland, Munich)
Alex Reinhart (Carnegie Mellon University)


Ryan Tibshirani, (Carnegie Mellon University)

Session Organizers

Elizabeth Stuart,  Karen Bandeen-Roche (Johns Hopkins University)

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American Statistical Association
Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies (COPSS)
Eastern North American Region of the International Biometric Society
Institute for Mathematical Statistics
National Institute of Statistical Sciences
Statistical Society of Canada
Western North American Region of The International Biometric Society


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Online Webinar
Moderator: Ryan Tibshirani (Carnegie Mellon University), Speakers: Frauke Kreuter, (Maryland, Munich) Alex Reinhart (Carnegie Mellon University)