COPSS-NISS COVID-19 Data Science Webinar Series

About this Webinar Series

The COPSS-NISS COVID-19 Data Science webinar series is co-organized by the Committee of the Presidents of Statistical Societies (COPSS) and its five charter member societies (ASA, ENAR, IMS, SSC, and WNAR), as well as NISS.  This twice a month webinar (1st and 3rd Thursday at noon EST) features the latest research that is positioned on the cusp of new understanding and analysis of COVID-19 pandemic data and promotes data-driven research and decision making to combat COVID-19.


"Details Discussed Concerning the Airborne Nature of COVID-19 Spread of Infection" - (June 24, 2021)
"Volumes of Survey Data Provide Valuable Insights into Vaccine Hesitancy" - (June 10, 2021)
"Statisticians and Data Scientists - Get Engaged and “Take A Seat at the Table!" - (May 27, 2021)
"Lessons Learned about Communicating Statistical and Epidemiologic Concepts to Broad Audiences" - (May 13, 2021)
"Communicating Statistics to the Media: Highs and Lows During the Pandemic Described" - (April 29, 2021)
"Flying the Plane while Improving It – Learning from COVID Patient Data in Close to Real Time" - (April 15, 2021)
"Pandemics, Poverty and Public Health: A Conversation with Jim Yong Kim" - (April 1, 2021)
March 18, 2021 - CancelledCOVID-19 One Year In: Navigating the Communications Triangle of Experts, Policy Makers, and the Public
"Predictions, Role of Interventions and the Crisis of Virus in India: A Data Science Call to Arms" - (March 4, 2021)
"Misinformation and Attitude Formation Analyzed Through Social Media Posts" - (February 18, 2021)
"Insights into Host and Viral Genetics of SARS-CoV-2 Discussed" - (February 4, 2021)
"Modeling Frameworks Provide Foundation for Inference and Projection of SARS-CoV-2" - (January 21, 2021)
"Epidemiologic Modeling in the Spotlight in 3rd COPSS-NISS COVID-19 Webinar" - (January 7, 2021)
"COPSS-NISS Webinar: Delphi’s COVIDcast Project Featured" - (December 17, 2020)
"Inaugural COPSS-NISS Webinar on the Statistics of COVID-19 Vaccine Trials - ‘Standing Room Only’!" - (December 3, 2020)

Webinar Series Sponsors

The American Statistical Association (ASA)
The Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies (COPSS)
Eastern North American Region of the International Biometric Society (ENAR)
Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS)
The National Institute of Statistical Sciences (NISS)
The Statistical Society of Canada (SSC)
Western North American Region of the International Biometric Society (WNAR)

Call for Contributions

The organizing committee is in the process of identifying topics and/or speakers to present as part of this webinar series. Please feel free to contact a member of the organizing committee with your ideas or suggestions.

Organizing Committee

Xihong Lin (Chair) (IMS), Harvard University 
Karen Bandeen-Roche (NISS), Johns Hopkins University 
Chris Barker (ASA), Statistical Planning and Analysis Services, Inc
Gary Chan (WNAR), University of Washington 
Rob Deardon (SSC), University of Calgary 
Natalie Dean (COPSS), University of Florida
Debashree Ray (COPSS), Johns Hopkins University
Jie Peng (WNAR), University of California at Davis 
Nathaniel Stevens (SSC), University of Waterloo 
Elizabeth Stuart (ENAR), Johns Hopkins University 
Ryan Tibshirani (IMS), Carnegie Mellon University  
Lily Wang (ASA), Iowa State University 
Lingzhou Xue (NISS), Pennsylvania State University
Lili Zhao (ENAR), University of Michigan 
Glenn Johnson (Web Communications), NISS