Essential Data Science for Business: Non-Analytic Skills for Analytic Consulting Success

March 24, 2021 1-4 pm ET

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The tutorials in this NISS series involve the Top 10 analytics approaches of the key topics that are used in business today!  Students and faculty, these are perhaps the top ten most important and practical topics that may not be covered in your program of study.  (Review the Overview Presentation about all 10 Sessions).

Non-Analytic Skills for Analytic Consulting Success


The vast majority of academic programs in applied statistics and data science focus on the technical skills and methodologies that provide their graduates with tools necessary to address the most common types of analyses that they may encounter in a career in business. While this background provides graduates with the skills to perform specific types of analysis, it may not provide the skills necessary to tackle the complex, often poorly defined and multidisciplinary problems typically encountered in business. In particular, these programs do not expose students to the non-technical skills that are often critical for successful analytical consulting in a business environment. 

This webinar will use an actual case study to demonstrate the rationale for and the application of many non-technical skills that, while not taught in academic programs, are often critical for analytical consultants in business to provide actionable solutions to business problems. While there are many technical components to the case study, the focus will be on the non-technical tools that help the analytical consultant make appropriate decisions throughout the problem.


Sam Woolford (Bentley University)

Series Goals

NISS is interested in sharing knowledge.  To this end, these tutorials have been geared to provide practical information that you can use tomorrow. Examples, projects and code sharing are a part of these sessions wherever possible.

Series Prerequisites

Participants require a working knowledge of probability distributions, statistical inference, statistical modeling and time series analysis as a prerequisite. Students who do not have this foundation or have not reviewed this material within the past couple of years will struggle with the concepts and methods that build on this foundation.  Please Note: Each tutorial is presented as a stand-alone tutorial, in other words, you need not to have attended earlier sessions in order to attend later sessions.


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About the Instructor

Dr. Sam Woolford is Professor Emeritus of Statistics at Bentley University and the founding Director of Bentley’s Center for Analytics and Data Science (CADS) Consulting, which provides business analytics consulting services for external organizations. His research interests focus on the application of statistical modeling to real world problems.

Professor Woolford started his career on the faculty at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and then spent over 25 years at global consulting firms, building and managing analytics groups to help clients solve complex business problems, improve performance and enhance their competitive position through data analysis and statistical modeling.  He has applied statistical methods and operations research to market research, litigation support, customer economics, operations analysis, performance metrics, modeling and simulation.

Dr. Woolford received a Bachelor of Science from Brown University and a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy from Purdue University. He received a Fulbright Scholarship in 1981 and the Distinguished Science Alumni Award from the College of Science at Purdue University in 2013. He is a member of the American Statistical Association (ASA), INFORMS and the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and is currently an Accredited Professional Statistician (American Statistical Association) and a Certified Quality Engineer (American Society for Quality). 

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National Institute of Statistical Sciences


National Institute of Statistical Sciences


$35 for this session; $250 for all 10 Data Science Sessions


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Instructor: Sam Woolford (Bentley University)