Virtual Industry Career Fair 2023!

Wednesday, January 18, 2023 - 12 noon - 1:30 pm ET

[Please Note:  This event has already taken place.  Please review the News Story for this event to read about what happened.] 

Interested in a statistics or data science position in the industry sector?  Then this session should interest you!

This event is part of a series of Virtual Career Fairs that NISS has been hosting for over 3 years! (Check out earlier virtual career fair sessions!)

Some of these sessions have focused on academic positions, others on positions in government agencies and industry.  This session describes opportunities for statisticians/data scientists from various large companies. Senior statisticians from the industry sector will provide attendees with an inside look at the research that statisticians in these companies get involved in and career opportunities for you to consider!


Jonathan Legare, Fidelity Investments
Tim Hesterberg, Instacart
Madhumita (Bonnie) Ghosh-Dastidar, RAND Corporation


Hang Nguyen, PhD student at Southern Methodist University, NISS Graduate Student Network Committee

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Each presenter will have 15 minutes to address the following general topics:

  1. What are the job opportunities for statisticians/data scientists/analysts in your company?
  2. Describe the range of skills statisticians/data scientists/analysts need to succeed in your company?
  3. What is the career path for statisticians/data scientists/analysts in your company?
  4. Is your firm currently hiring statisticians/data scientists/analysts?
  5. What advice would you give to students based on your experience?


About the Speakers

Jonathan Legare is a Data Science Practice Leader and Vice President at Fidelity Investments, a leading financial services provider and investment management company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.  At Fidelity, he leads and contributes to multidisciplinary projects and research areas including machine learning, natural language processing, statistics, algorithms, simulations, and experimental designs.  For the past several years, Jonathan has supervised, guided, and mentored students through Fidelity's summer and co-op internship programs.  He completed undergraduate studies in mathematics and earned master's degrees in statistics and business administration from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Tim Hesterberg is a Staff Data Scientist at Instacart. He previously worked at Google, Insightful, Franklin & Marshall College, and Pacific Gas & Electric Co. He received his Ph.D. in Statistics from Stanford University, under Brad Efron, and is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and AAAS. He is author of the "Resample" package for R, Chihara and Hesterberg "Mathematical Statistics with Resampling and R" (2022, 3rd edition), and "What Teachers Should Know about the Bootstrap: Resampling in the Undergraduate Statistics Curriculum", The American Statistician 2015. Hesterberg is on the executive board of the Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute and the Executive Committee of the National Institute of Statistical Sciences, and helped write the ASA Guidelines for Undergraduate Statistics Programs. He teaches kids to make water bottle rockets, and fights climate chaos. See and humorous bio at

Madhumita (Bonnie) Ghosh-Dastidar is head of the Statistics Group and a senior statistician at the RAND Corporation and the new incoming President of the American Statistical Association (ASA). Her projects and grants are primarily in health and well-being including built environment interventions, interventions to improve mental health and adherence among HIV patients, and population health. Her statistical expertise includes sampling, survey methods, evaluations, missing data, and longitudinal and multilevel data modeling. Her current interests center around multiple NIH studies leveraging a natural experiment design to evaluate the effect of neighborhood-level change on residents' diet, sleep, and cardiovascular health. Ghosh-Dastidar's experience includes being lead statistician for large-scale surveys on sexual assault and armed services in the military, and the Singapore mental health study to assess national prevalence. She was alsostatistician for two studies receiving the RAND President’s Choice Award in 2014 and 2015. The American Statistical Association and Committee on Women in Statistics celebrated her work in statistics and data science during Women's History Month in March 2019. Ghosh-Dastidar received her Ph.D. and M.A. in statistics from Pennsylvania State University, State College, and her B.S. in mathematics and computer science from Albright College.

About the Moderator

Hang Nguyen, is a PhD student at Southern Methodist University. She is a member of the NISS Graduate Student Network Committee and helps manage events for the GSN. Her research interests include Survival analysis using observational/registry clinical data.

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