Industry Affiliates

industry affiliate overviewNISS INDUSTRY AFFILIATES...

  • have expanded roles and enlarged opportunities in program planning and development within the entire NISS Affiliates Program. 
  • are represented by a Affiliate Liaison selected from applicants nominated from within the affiliate. This appointed Affiliate Liaison has the responsibility for distribution of Affiliate benefits (e.g., guaranteed acceptances to NISS conferences, webinars, etc.; Parameters Newletters; Affiliate Updates). Affiliates are also urged to appoint an Associate/Junior Liaison to strengthen the connection with NISS.
  • are encouraged to have this liaison join the NISS Affiliates Committee to ensure proper respresentation of your companys needs, ideas for events.
  • are encouraged to urge their Liaisons with NISS to suggest topics, speakers, panelists, moderators, etc. within the affiliate for planned events where they have special capabilities, i.e., promoting their colleagues visibility to the community.
  • can request to receive reports documenting participation from their organization in NISS activities.

There are two types of participation as Industry Affiliates:

  • Data Scientists and Operations Leadership interested in industry-wide issues related to the data science industry. 
  • Industry Statisticians, both experienced and junior colleagues searching for training and/or solution paths for existing statistical problems.


  • Access to a rich set of colleagues in the statistics / data science fields to connect and network with from industry, government / national lab and academia.
  • Access to activities like workshops and conferences that are planned as regular parts of the NISS Affiliates Program with mechanisms in place to ensure that these are scheduled and implemented.  These include:
    • NISS events for cross-sector networking.
    • Special topics, designed for / by Industry Affiliates.
    • Cross-sector conferences and workshops for data scientists.
    • Partnership with NISS to develop training programs in statistical thinking and statistical methods tailored to Affiliate needs and audience (online or on-site).
  • Priority and/or guaranteed acceptances to NISS activities, workshops, conferences, etc. - with express inclusion of new or modified associated privileges for the Affiliates' junior associates, and postdocs.
  • Opportunities, such as the sharing postdoctoral fellows and the planning joint programs with NISS, are highlighted with mechanisms established to implement them.
  • Presence on the NISS website that can include links to your own web pages and articles that highlight the affiliat
  • Access to event calendars (including co-sponsored Affiliate-hosted conferences).
  • Free advertisement of Affiliate job announcements for open job positions on the NISS website, in Parameters Newsletter and in Affiliates Updates (≈ 8k Parameters audience).
  • Access to the Ingram Olkin Forum (IOF) program for submission of topics focused on a current societal issues that might benefit from new or renewed attention from the statistical community. (see submission details at Call for Ingram Olkin Forum Proposals | National Institute of Statistical Sciences (
  • Access to the Graduate Student Network (GSN) whose goal is to create connections among graduate students from different institutions within the NISS Affiliates Program. Please consider a sponsorship for the Annual NISS GSN Research Conference where the students create their own research conference (email for more details regarding sponsorship).


  • Industry Affiliates propose and prioritize topics for annual Special Topics workshops.
  • Workshops organized by NISS on topics in Data Science for Leadership from Industry Affiliates.
  • Workshops on “hot topics” in industry to bring to the attention of the statisticians’ research community.


  • Presentation of a cross-sector technical program.
  • Networking with leading academic and government statisticians.
  • Program planning of Affiliates’ Special Topics workshops for the year.


  NISS Industry Affiliates membership fees are paid annually on either a fiscal (FY) or calendar (CY) year schedule. 

  Get involved! Get connected! Use your involvement in NISS to help grow your professional development programming for your institution's statistical professionals!


  Please feel free to contact the NISS office via email at for more details.

  Or you can visit our Become an Affiliate page and fill out the form to let us know you are interested in becoming an affiliate.

Need a brochure to share with a colleague? NISS Industry Affiliate Flyer & NISS Tri-Fold Brochure