Jaeyong Lee

Years Participated: 
Seoul National University
Professional Title: 

Dr. Jaeyong Lee is a Statistics Professor at Seoul National University in South Korea. He served as a NISS postdoc from 1998 to 2000, during which time he worked on two projects. The first was on transportation, where he was involved in the microsimulation of individuals’ daily trajectories. The second project dealt with governmental usage of confidential data.

Lee grew up in South Korea, majoring in statistics and computer science as an undergraduate at Seoul National University. After earning M.S. degrees in statistics from Seoul National University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he earned his Ph.D. in statistics from Purdue University in 1998.

As a statistician, Lee identifies primarily as a Bayesian, and serves the International Society for Bayesian Analysis as a member of the Board and other committees. In his research, he studies Bayesian nonparametric models, high-dimensional models with complex structures, and differential equation models.

Technical Reports

  • Workshop Report: Workshop on Statistics and Information Technology (2001) -
  • Disseminating Information but Protecting Confidentiality (2000) -