Xia Wang

NISS Position: 
Research Fellow
University of Cincinnati
Professional Title: 

Xia Wang is an associate professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Cincinnati.  She received her doctoral degree in statistics from the University of Connecticut in 2009. Right after graduation, she joined NISS as a Postdoctoral Fellow and worked there 2009-2011.  Her research interests include Bayesian methodology and computation, categorical data analysis, spatial statistics and spatial-temporal statistics, and applications of statistical models in genomics and proteomics data.

While working at NISS, she was on the NCI-funded project Proteomic Technologies: Metrology, Research Methods Design, and Analysis.  The research group on this project included two NISS senior directors and three postdocs with specific statistical or bioinformatics expertise.  Her job as a postdoc was to provide statistical support for multiple institutions participating in the NCI Clinical Proteomic Technology Assessment for Cancer program.  She enjoyed working with people from totally different disciplines.  The collaborations she established at NISS continued after she joined the University of Cincinnati as an assistant professor in statistics.

The NISS experience of interdisciplinary collaboration helps Xia’s career after she joined the University of Cincinnati as an assistant professor.  Recently, she started working with her colleagues in the field of stress neuroscience on Bayesian neuronal network models. 

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