Yingchun (Jasmine) Zhou

Jasmine Zhou
Years Participated: 
School of Statistics, East China Normal University in Shanghai
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Yingchun Zhou received her Bachelor of Science degree at Fudan University in Shanghai. She came to the United States to get her Master of Science degree from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio, then moved to Boston to get her Ph.D. in Statistics from Boston University. She is married to Jie Lu and they have two children, Victor and Sophie. Dr. Yingchun Zhou is currently Professor of statistics in the School of Statistics at East China Normal University (Shanghai). She is interested in functional data analysis, causal inference and various topics in biostatistics. 

Zhou came to NISS in 2007. Her research at NISS involved working on the QT interval, which is an interval on the ECG used to evaluate cardiac safety in drug development and drug approval.

Time at NISS

I enjoyed my time at NISS as a postdoc. During that time, I had the chance to work on real projects from industry and developed further methodologies based on the applied research. This experience had a big impact on my later research. I also communicated with many excellent scholars from the universities who gathered at NISS or SAMSI workshops, conferences, and other events. This was very rewarding as it expanded my views about statistics and beyond. I’m proud of being a postdoc at NISS! 

Technical Reports

  • Functional Data Analytic Approach of Modeling ECG T-wave Shape to Measure Cardivascular Behavior (2010) -

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