The Indices of Environmental Status and Trend

Research Project

The Indices of Environmental Status and Trend project was part of a consortium including American, George Mason, Maryland-Baltimore County and Penn State that was organized by the EPA's Center of Environmental Information and Statistics. NISS worked on the protocols and case studies for the public release and use of environmental data. NISS identified sources of air quality and meteorological data, and obtained the data required for the analysis. This process revealed both strengths and weaknesses in the resources that are currently readily accessible. The research team's entry point was AIRSWeb, a website established by the Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards.

Technical report(s):

Technical Report 93:  Case Study: Using the AIRS Database — Report to EPA/CEIS

Project Goal: 

NISS was asked to develop a case study, specifically of ozone status and trends for the Research Triangle area of North Carolina.

Research Team: 

Principal Investigator(s): Jerome Sacks, NISS

Senior Investigator(s):  Richard Smith, UNC- Chapel Hill

Post Doctoral Fellow(s): James Hilden-Minton

Individual Team Members: 
Jerome SacksRichard L. Smith