NISS-Merck Virtual Meet-Up: "Applications of Machine Learning in the Pharmaceutical Industry"

Wednesday, April 25, 2018
The National Institute of Statistical Science (NISS) and Merck are sponsoring a Virtual Meet-Up on Applications of Machine Learning in the Pharmaceutical Industry.  Machine learning has been used to create algorithms for effective web searches, speech recognition, self-driving cars and a host other useful purposes.  It is a technology that has become both powerful and pervasive. In this meet-up we will discuss how these algorithms and this mode of thinking have been applied to problems in the pharmaceutical industry.

Watch the recording of the NISS-Merck Virtual Meet-up, April 25, 2018

Use the [video start times] below to jump to the individual presentations:
Omitted from recording: Opening the meeting, describing the logistics (Dan Holder, Merck)
[00:00]: Applications of Machine Learning in the Pharmaceutical Industry (Birol Emir, Pfizer)
[22:00]: Using Deep Learning to Predict Molecule Activity with Its Structure (Junshui Ma, Merck) 
[43:00]: Offering salient points and moderating panel discussions (Max Kuhn, Rstudio). Panelists are Birol and Junshui.
Links to Presentation Slides below
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