NISS Parameters Newsletter

Each quarter, the NISS team publishes NISS Parameters - a newsletter that delivers updates on activities, affiliate programs, training, and workshops related to NISS.  The NISS Affiliates Update is published the other months of the year.

In this issue:

  • NISS at Twenty: A Look Back at Our Past - page 1.
  • A Note From Our Director - page 2.
  • NISS Welcomes Yang and Sang - page 2.
  • Photos From:NISS-OCC Explorations Workshop on Financial Risk Analysis - page 3.
  • Postdoc Profile: Xia Wang - page 4.
  • Affiliate Profile: Yahoo! Labs - page 5.
  • Computational Advertising Workshop Photos - page 6.
  • Calendar of Events - page 6.
  • Updates from Former Postdocs - page 7.
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In this Issue:

  • 2009 Jerome Sacks and Distinguished Service Awards Presented at JSM. page 1.
  • Alan Karr, Director of NISS, talks about projects NISS is currently working on. - page 2.
  • Photos from NISS and SAMSI's reception at JSM. - page 3.
  • Xindong Feng is one of the NISS postdoctoral fellows working on the CPTAC program. - page 4.
  • The National Agricultural Statistics Service conducts hundreds of surveys every year - page 5.
  • NISS-OCC Explorations Workshop II - Market Risk and Systemic Risk. - page 7

You'll also find a calendar, and a listing of our affiliates.


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In this issue:

  • NISS tackles traffic travel time predictions - page 1.
  • Alan Karr, Director of NISS, discusses the redesign of the NISS website - page 2.
  • Photos from NISS and NASS Cross-Sector Research Program - page 3.
  • Saki Kinney, a NISS postdoctoral fellow, is working on several interesting projects- page 4.
  • The University of Florida is this quarter's affiliate profile - page 5.
  • Find out where to see NISS presenters and activities at the JSM 2009 - page 7.


    You'll also find a calendar, and a list of our affiliates.

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In this issue:

  • NISS and OCC Explorations Workshop: Financial Risk Modeling and Banking Regulations
  • NISS and NASS Collaborate on Cross-Sector Research
  • Postdoc Profile: Jessie (Qing) Xia
  • Affiliate Profile: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
  • Stan Young Asserts Earlier Study on Cereal Consumption is Flawed
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In this issue:

  • New Wing Ribbon Cutting and Open House
  • John Rice Wins 2008 Sacks Award
  • Fooled by Randomness?
  • Kenan Fellow Inspires Middle School Students to Think Critically
  • Postdoc Profile: Jasmine Zhou
  • Affiliate Profile: RTI International


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