NCES Roundtable on Imputation in Government Surveys

Research Project

Research Working Group

MoonJung Cho, PhD, US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics "Imputation at the BLS"

Cliff Spiegelman, PhD, Texas A & M University, Department of Statistics "Hitting Calibration Targets + INCA Calibration"

Jae Kwang Kim, PhD, Iowa State University, Department of Statistics "Three Statistical Issues on Multiple Imputation in Complex Survey Sampling"

Recai Yucel, PhD, University At Albany, SUNY, School of Public Health "Assessing Imputation Uncertainty NHES 2012"

Nat Schenker, PhD, (Retired) National Center for Health Statistics "Outline for Discussion at NCES Roundtable on Imputation"

Raghu Raghunathan, PhD, University of Michigan, Institute for Social Research "Match Bias or Nonignorable Nonresponse? Improved Imputation and Administrative Data in the CPS ASEC"