The 2014 International Total Survey Error Workshop (ITSEW 2014)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 - 8:30am to Friday, October 3, 2014 - 3:30pm


The 8th International Total Survey Error Workshop (ITSEW 2014) took place October 1 - October 3, 2014 at the Bureau of Labor Statistics Conference Center near Union Station in Washington DC. The theme of the 2014 workshop was Total Survey Error: Fundamentals and Frontiers.

Like previous ITSEWs, this year’s gathering fostered an exchange of ideas and preliminary research findings toward a better understanding of total survey error. Participation in this year’s ITSEW was particularly valuable for researchers planning to present invited or contributed papers at next year’s 2015 International Total Survey Error Conference (TSE2015). Participants shared ideas, received valuable feedback, identified opportunities for collaboration, and planned sessions or joint presentations for TSE2015 to be held September 19-22, 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland.

On Wednesday, October 1, the first day of the ITSEW, Paul Biemer of RTI International and the University of North Carolina presented a short course on the Total Survey Error Paradigm in Practice. This was a great opportunity to become familiar with this key perspective on survey methodology, or to learn about the state of current research and how it can be applied in practical survey situations.

On October 2 and 3, the workshop featured presentations and posters exhibiting current research on multiple error sources and their interactions including: design trade-offs, minimization strategies, estimation and analysis issues, and methods for presenting and visualizing TSE results.

The registration fee of $225.00 included the short course, both days of the workshop, materials and handouts, break refreshments, lunch on October 2 and 3, and a poster reception followed by dinner on the evening of October 2.

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Wednesday, October 1: Short Course
Paul Biemer, Total Survey Error Paradigm in Practice

Thursday, Session 1: Total Survey Error in Different Contexts
Chair: Diane Willimack

“A Total Survey Error Perspective on Comparative Surveys”
Beth-Ellen Pennell, Lars Lyberg, , Peter Mohler, Kristen Cibelli Hibben, and Gelaye Worku

“Methodological Considerations to Minimize Total Survey Error in the National Crime Victimization Survey”
Andrew Moore, Marcus Berzofsky, Lynn Langton and Mike Planty

“Dropping the ‘S’ from TSE: Applying the Paradigm to Big Data”
Paul Biemer

Thursday, Session 2: Measurement Issues in TSE
Chair: Mary Mulry

“New Methodologies for the Study and Decomposition of Interviewer Effects in Surveys”
Brady West and Michael Elliott

“Paradata on the 2010 Brazilian Census: Analysis of the Field Work Supervision Process”
Luciano Tavares Duarte, Denise Britz do Nascimento Silva and José André de Moura Brito

“Measurement Errors in Panel Surveys, Evaluation of Markov Quasi-Simplex and Markov Latent Class Models”
Par Karlsson

Thursday, Session 3: Adaptive Survey Design and Total Survey Error
Chair: Alan Karr

“Tradeoffs in Using Adaptive Design in the Decennial Census”
Gina Walejko and Elizabeth Poehler

“Adaptive Design for the National Teacher Principal Survey”
David Marker, Louis Rizzo and Erin Wiley

“Responsiveness and Representativeness in an Establishment Survey of Manufacturers”
Eric Fink and Fane Lineback

Thursday, Session 4: Auxiliary Data and Survey Data I
Chair: Scott Fricker

“Are Proxies Better than Administrative Records?”
Mary Mulry and Andrew Keller

“Internal and External Indicators to Assess Measurement Error in the Consumer Expenditure Survey”
Brandon Kopp, Brian Meekins, Lucilla Tan and Roger Tourangeau

“Survey Errors in Reports of Move Month”
Elizabeth Nichols, Jennifer Childs and Mary Mulry

Poster Session:
"Avoiding Errors when Communicating Survey Error"
Claude Girard

Friday, Session 1: Mode Issues in TSE
Chair: Alan Karr

“Satisficing Across Survey Modes”
Lonna Rae Atkeson and Alex Adams

“Using Response Rates and Other Quality Metrics to Assess the Effects of the Mixed Collection Modes for Business Surveys: A Case Study”
Katherine Jenny Thompson, Broderick Oliver and Jennifer Beck

"Reduction of Survey Nonobservation Errors Through Adaptive Sampling Design"
Julia Lee

Friday, Session 2: Diverse Sources of Survey Error
Chair: Paul Biemer

“Errors from Noncoverage and Nonresponse in a Mobile Web Survey”
Christopher Antoun and Mick Couper

“Bayesian Data Editing for Continuous Microdata”
Alan Karr, L.H. Cox, H. Kim and J.P. Reiter

“The Impact of Respondent Burden on Data Quality in a Longitudinal Survey”
Ting Yan, Scott Fricker and Shirley Tsai

Friday, Session 3: Auxiliary Data and Survey Data II
Chair: Peter Miller

“Assuring Sample Quality in the 2012 Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS)”
Laura Alvarez-Rojas, Huseyin Goksel, Justin Kamens, David Morganstein and Robert Patchen

“Integrating Administrative Data with Survey Data: A Total Survey Error Case Study using Education Data”
Sarah Grady and Rachel Sutcliffe  

“Analyzing Linked Data Sets: Understanding the Association between Linkage Errors and Analysis”
Karla Fox

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U. S. Census Bureau
National Institute of Statistical Sciences
RTI International


Paul Biemer (RTI International), Scott Fricker (BLS), Wendy Hicks (Westat), Alan Karr (NISS),
Peter Miller (Census; Chair), Mary Mulry (Census), Diane Willimack (Census).



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Bureau of Labor Statistics Conference Center, Washington, DC
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