NISS Virtual Academic Career Fair!

Thursday, April 23, from 12:00 – 1:30 pm (ET)

Interested in pursuing a career as a statistician at an academic institution?  Then you won’t want to miss this next career fair sponsored by NISS that will offer essential information about job opportunities for statisticians/data scientists in different academic environments such as large research universities, biomedical institutions, and liberal arts colleges.

This event is the sixth in a series of Virtual Career Fairs that NISS is hosting for NISS Affiliates.  This session features opportunities for statisticians/data scientists from three very differently situated academic departments.  Senior statisticians from Williams College Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Duke University's Department of Statistics and the University of Michigan's Department of Biostatistics will be on hand to provide attendees with an inside look at the varying aspects of research, teaching and service that statisticians in these academic institutions get involved in and the career opportunities available for you to consider!  This session will be moderated by Piaomu Liu (Bentley University).

Each presenter will have 20 minutes to address the following general topics:

  1. What are the preferred qualifications for a tenure-track faculty position in your institution?
  2. What are the potential distinguishing characteristics of candidates for a tenure-track faculty position in your institution?
  3. Is your institution currently hiring faculty positions?
  4. What advice would you give to students based on your experience?

Previous Virtual Career Fairs

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Please Note: Attendance at all career fairs is restricted to NISS affiliates only. You can check to see if your institution is a NISS Affiliate on the List of Affiliates NISS web page.

Intended Audience

Students/Faculty (at all levels) from NISS Affiliate Institutions who may be interested in career opportunities in academia either now or in the future. The career fair may also be of interest to those who are considering a career change to work in academia.

Registration Process

To register for the virtual career fair, your organization needs to be a NISS affiliate. Please check the list of NISS affiliates to see if your organization is a NISS affiliate. If you qualify to register, please use your .edu, .gov or .com email address when registering.

While the live event is limited to NISS affiliates, NISS will subsequently make video recordings from the fair available to the public at its website ( under Events -> Meet-up Recordings at a later date.

The Career Fair will be conducted using Zoom.   REGISTER TODAY!  


The program for this virtual career fair will be organized as follows:

12:00-12:05         Opening remarks by the Moderator, Piaomu Liu, (Assistant Professor at Bentley University)

12:05-12:25         Richard De Veaux, (Chair of Mathematics & Statistics at Williams College)

12:25-12:30         Q&A

12:30-12:50         Jerry Reiter, (Chair of Statistical Science at Duke University)

12:50-1:10           Bhramar Mukherjee, (Chair of Biostatistics at University of Michigan)

1:10-1:30             Q&A  

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National Institute of Statistical Sciences


National Institute of Statistical Sciences


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Moderator: Piaomu Liu (Bentley University) Speakers: (left to right) Richard De Veaux (Williams College), Jerry Reiter (Duke University) and Bhramar Mukherjee (University of Michigan).